About Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding has quickly grown in popularity among most aquatic sports with stand-up paddling being the preferred choice among participants. Asides from being fun, it boasts numerous health benefits such as strengthening core muscles in the body. It helps develop strength and endurance and also improves equilibrium and balance. The key to the best paddleboarding experience is having a good paddle board. A well-made board can safely support activities such as surfing, yoga, fishing, and of course stand-up paddleboarding.

What To Look for In a Paddle board

For a newbie, knowing what to look for in a good paddle board can be tricky and involves some trial and error before finally getting the right one. The shape and size of the board are of utmost importance. It needs to be long enough and wide enough to provide support, maneuverability, and balance for the paddler. The girth of the board also determines how seaworthy it will be. It should be able to sit balanced on the water. And finally, a well-designed paddle board should be able to support the weight of the user. To know which board embodies these qualities, the size, volume, and capacity of the board should be taken into consideration as these are indicators of how well it will perform. Choosing a COOLWAVE paddle board saves one from all those concerns because they produce premium inflatable paddle boards in all specifications and sizes ensuring that the buyer gets the best.


Light, Waterproof and Durable.

Cool wave paddle boards embody all the necessary features of a good paddle board. To begin with, they are lightweight. Paddle boards are designed to float on water. For this reason, they must be as light as possible but sturdy enough to manage the weight of the user on water. The inflatable boards are made of the best high-grade military PVC material valued for its light waterproof and durable quality. They are not easily worn or torn. And they can support the weight of up to 400 pounds.

Portable and Easy to Store.

Another cool feature of the cool wave inflatable paddle board is that it is very portable. The practical yet stylish design and inflatable state make it easy to carry around and store. It is not heavy and does not require much storage space. It is easily deflated, neatly folded, and stored away until the next use.

Amazing Specs and Additional Pieces.

In addition, it also boasts some amazing specs and added pieces to make stand-up paddle boarding an even more enjoyable experience. The board comes with a camera mount strategically placed on the head of the board. This allows paddlers to document their experience with their cameras. A portable function backpack gives room to store items while on the water. There is also a waterproof phone bag, ankle safety leash, 3-piece aluminum paddle, a repair kit, removable fin, and of course the double-action manual pump to inflate the board. A buyer gets so much value for their money with a cool wave inflatable paddle board.

Sturdy and Stable.

Furthermore, it is sturdy and offers stability to the user. The dimensions of the board which measures 10’6 X 32″ X 6″ provide enough space for the user to be balanced and stable. This along with the detachable bottom panel fin enables paddlers to easily control the board, maneuver it in the desired direction and even move with speed. It also boasts EVA anti-slip deck pads that provide much-needed grips that further enhance balance no matter the activity.

User Friendly.

To crown it all, cool wave paddle boards and all their accompaniments are user-friendly. The high-pressure spring valve and dual-action manual pump are easy to use. A board can be inflated in mere minutes without stress. They have barometer pointers that will indicate the right air pressure ensuring that the board is set right. Like all that isn’t enough, they are highly affordable.


The cool wave inflatable paddle board design is excellent. Its amazing features and additions make it worth every penny. It is truly the best for an amazing standup paddle boarding experience.