Javier Burillo – Reasons Mourinho is Bad For Spurs

Javier Burillo and I have been talking lately about the grim situation which our football teams find themselves in, and for once we have found common ground in football, despite supporting rival teams. Javier is an Arsenal fan who is perplexed at what has happened to his club, and I am a Spurs fan feeling very much the same. This season Javier and I have called an amnesty, and have unified under a frustrated fans banner. Javier also sympathizes with me as he cannot stand Jose Mourinho, and nor can I. I debated and argued at the time of Jose’s appointment, because I knew that he’d be bad news, and here is exactly why I believe he will be bad for the club, signs of which he is already showing.

Man Management

The reason why Mauricio Pochettino was able to get so much out of those players for such a long time was mainly through man management, something which he was an expert at. Jose won the other hand has completely lost his ability to get players on his side and fighting for him, the mark that he left on so many of his clubs in the past. Look at what he did with Pogba and Luke Shaw at Manchester United, he didn’t recognize sensitive footballers and what they need, digging them out in public instead. This hasn’t worked and it certainly won’t work at Spurs.


In the past Mourinho made everything about him, in order to deflect from the team, and that worked very well for a long period of time, at Inter, Chelsea and of course at Real Madrid. Things changed at Madrid however and Mourinho became much nastier, much less jovial and far more narcissistic. Mourinho will make everything about him at Spurs, to the determent of the players, and to the club on the whole.


I am not fooled in the playing of Japhet Tanganga and Oliver Skipp that Jose Mourinho has suddenly become someone who is happy to play the youth. Jose has played both of these players simply becasue the team had to based on injuries and tiredness. The perfect example of this is what is happening right now with Troy Parrott, a young striker who should be given a chance in Kane’s absence. This could be the perfect solution for Spurs, who are struggling to buy a forward who is prepared to sit on the bench behind Kane. Despite the stars aligning, Jose won’t play Parrott, potentially damaging the prospects of this young man’s career.

Ultimately Jose Mourinho is known as a winner, but his style of football is now outdated, the way that he publicly dresses played down is horrific and leaves fragile professionals with their confidence on the floor. Mourinho will overspend, fail to win and leave this club with more work to do than there was when he first took over at the helm, bad days are here to stay Spurs fans.