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What if you can get more than everyone else? How to turn down such a tempting offer and most importantly why? Loyalty programs provided by online casinos give a unique opportunity to make gambling more pleasant and comfortable. How is it possible? Let’s figure it out.

Of course, all loyalty programs, which are also called VIP programs, are, first of all, promotion instruments provided by the casino, which are aimed at the casino’s income and image improvement. However, as well as the most of promotion tools VIP programs are beneficial to the casino only because they are attractive and advantageous to clients.

In fact, any casino loyalty program is a campaign, which main assignment is the encouragement of active gamers. Benefits, which are offered by the VIP status, are the embodiment of the casino’s gratitude to players for the constant activity.

Although all online casinos, which provide special programs for privileged users, offer different sets of perks, there are some common standards of VIP programs, which you can find at any online casino in Canada.

Thus, the average list of typical benefits offered to players by the loyalty program includes:

• Extended access to the games collection (access to all games levels and parts)
• Opportunity to use extra free spins
• Accelerated customers support service (personal approach)
• Personal advancement of the payment system (an increase of withdrawal limits, acceleration of withdrawals, etc.)
• Access to special promotions and events
• VIP discounts

So, it seems like any member of a casino VIP Club gets its own online casino because the level of personal service is really impressive.

What is more, besides the higher level of comfort, which is offered by the loyalty program, players get a unique possibility to increase their chances of winning. Inasmuch as privileged clubs provide access to additional games and exclusive promos and bonuses.

Though, of course, every online casino provides its own original loyalty program. So, there is an opportunity for gamblers to find the one, which meets all individual requirements and preferences.

Fortunately, the gambling market can offer such online casinos, which VIP programs could be called universal because they can satisfy different needs and wishes. One of the great examples is SlotClub – a loyalty program provided by Slotbox.

Characteristic of Slotbox VIP Program SlotClub

SlotClub Online Casino Ireland is considered to be a unique casino loyalty program because it implies a multilevel system with 7 stages. SlotClub system is simple – the higher level you have, the more benefits you receive.

Moreover, to become a member of the Slotbox VIP club players do not need to make any extra investments like it is accepted in multiple other casinos.

Also, the exclusiveness of SlotClub is in the fact that newcomers do not have to wait to start leveling up. So, even a yesterday newbie can become a member of the first club levels very fast. Casino privileges are not available only to regular customers.

7 levels of SlotClub are:

• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum
• Diamond
• Emerald
• Ruby
• Black Diamond

Each of them provides its own set of perks.

Silver level provides:

• Welcome Deal
• Weekly Encouragement
• Standard Wagering Requirement
• 1x Points Multiplier

Gold level provides:

• Level Up Deal
• Surprise Bonus Drops
• Birthday Bonus Reward
• 20x Wagering Requirements
• 1x Points Multiplier

Platinum level provides:

• Level Up Deal
• Surprise Drops
• Birthday Bonus Reward
• 20x Wagering Requirements
• 1x Points Multiplier

Diamond level provides:

• Level Up Deal
• Surprise Drops
• Birthday Bonus Reward
• Exclusive Promos
• 12x Wagering Requirements
• 1x Points Multiplier

Emerald level provides:

• Level Up Deal
• Surprise Drops
• Birthday Bonus Reward
• Exclusive Promos
• 8x Wagering Requirements
• 1.25x Points Multiplier

Ruby level provides:

• Level Up Deal
• Surprise Drops
• Birthday Bonus Reward
• Exclusive Promos
• 3x Wagering Requirements
• 1.5x Points Multiplier

Black Diamond level provides:

• Personal Account Consultant
• Weekly Cashback

Peculiarities of the Transition from One Level to Another One at SlotClub

Slotbox provides a classic system of advancement through levels by earning points and coins. When you collect a certain number of points or coins you are taken to the next stage and get access to new perks.

The great news is that to earn points and coins Slotbox players do not need to make some additional actions or extra investments. The casino allows collecting points and coins with every bet gamers make. So, factually, you do what you always do at the online casino – bet and play, and points and coins will accumulate automatically.

You get 2 points for the bet of €1 on slots and scratch cards. When it comes to the Live Casino section you get 2 points for the bet of €20.

The bet of €100 on slots and scratch cards allows you to get 2 coins. If you choose Live Casino games, you get 2 coins for the bet of €1000.

Difference Between Points and Coins at SlotClub

Although points and coins at Slotbox are accumulated in the same way – by betting, they have different applications.

Thus, the assignment of points collecting is to take players to the next levels at SlotClub. The peculiarity of Slotbox points is that the amount of them is an inviolable fund, which could not be spent or exchanged. Moreover, the points fund always keeps adding up.

There is a determined number of points necessary for the transition to each level:

• Silver – no points, the first investment is enough
• Gold – 5.000 points
• Platinum – 20.000 points
• Diamond – 100.000 points
• Emerald – 500.000 points
• Ruby – 2.500.000 points
• Black Diamond – joining the level is by a special individual invitation only

When it comes to coins, it is necessary to state that they do not influence your advancement in levels. Coins are provided for the exchange. Thus, there is a special SlotClub Exchange platform where gamers can exchange collected coins for diverse perks such as cash prizes and free spins.

The confirmation of the coins exchange provides the automatic deduction of the necessary number of coins from the user’s account balance.

By the way, your personal account is the place where you can monitor the accumulation of points and coins. Every bet is automatically transformed into a certain number of points and coins, the information of which is displayed in the loyalty section of your user’s account. The section also shows your current level and how many points you need to earn for the transition to the next stage.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Join the SlotClub

If you are going to provide an active gambling activity, to join to the SlotClub is the best solution. Inasmuch as regular bets will assure the fast transition to higher levels in the loyalty program. Meanwhile, each level implies the receive of great perks, which are unavailable in previous stages.

The list of the Slotbox loyalty program privileges includes the following positions:

• Exclusive events and promos
• Bonuses dedicated to special occasions like Birthday or Anniversary
• Cash rewards
• Extra free spins
• Reduced wagering requirements
• Instant payouts
• Higher withdrawal limits

So, membership in such casino VIP clubs as SlotClub gives players access to extra chances of winning. Thus, the exclusive right to participate in VIP promotions and use additional free spins increases the likelihood of getting the main cash prize – the jackpot.

Moreover, SlotClub offers all its perks without requiring some complicated actions from players. Just bet, play, and win, and all VIP privileges will become available for usage very soon.