Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a phrase you might have heard, especially now that the awareness and concern for our environment as well as the effects of climate change are on the front burner. You might have an idea about what the term might mean, however, this article will give you the lowdown on all you need to know about this new consciousness as well as its importance in the world today.

So, what is sustainable fashion?

Well, it involves many things but to put it quite simply, it focuses on clothes and fashion that is made or processed into its end product and then used by the consumer in ways that are not harmful to the environment or the workers who are involved in the process.

Research has shown that the fashion industry contributes about 4 – 10% of the global greenhouse-gas emissions each year. it is also a reality that many workers involved in the fashion industry in many parts of the world are underpaid and subjected to deplorable working conditions. These and more have grown concerns over the unsustainable and unhealthy practice.

How can sustainable fashion be practiced?

Patronize sustainable fashion brands

For starters, you could consider sustainable fashion from NA-KD. Your solidarity with the cause begins with being conscious about the brands that conduct their business sustainably and the ones that do not. It might be confusing trying to separate both because many brands claim to be sustainable as a marketing strategy as opposed to making an actual impact. Going through reviews and gaining a second opinion can help you make the right brand choice. Investing in sustainable companies like this African clothing uk one is also going a step further for the cause.

Pay attention to the materials

Certain materials are considered to be unsustainable for reasons such as the environmental footprint that the production of such materials leaves behind. An example is Virgin Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester which make up 55% of clothes in the world. Sticking to more organic materials will foster a more sustainable world.

Consider renting clothes

Studies have shown that many times, people buy clothes and only wear them once. Rather than purchasing clothes that may be for temporary usage, consider renting. It has become very easy to rent clothes as many clothing stores offer this service for a fee.

Maintain your clothes

A great way to lower the environmental footprint of your clothing is to maintain them so they can be used for longer. This of course is just as important as buying clothes that are made sustainably to last for a long time. Another extension of this is giving out your old clothes to people who will need them.

In conclusion, at the end of the day, if you have been up to date with the news, then you are aware of the dangers that environmental pollution, as well as climate change, pose for us if we do not make needed adjustments. As conscious individuals and citizens of the world, we all need to work together to foster a better world, and ultimately this is what sustainable fashion aims to achieve.