Ever Wondered What is a Carbon Footprint?

In the world today, the impact of human actions upon the environment is at the forefront of people’s minds. With climate change becoming an increasing concern many are wondering what is a carbon footprint and how can I reduce it and thereby reduce my impact upon the earth? Moreover, with dwindling natural resources still others are seeking ways whereby they can reduce their demand on these precious resources. Emphasis is increasingly being placed upon recycling, reusing and repairing. This is especially true in the home where individuals and families can make the most difference to the environment.

This is especially true when it comes to home improvements. Certain fittings and fixtures within the home are particularly prone to superficial damage including fireplaces, kitchen worktops, shower trays and baths. Damage to such areas often comes in the forms of scratches or even gouges which are easily noticeable but often very small. Homeowners may have a tendency to replace these fixtures and fittings if they become damaged; however doing so is an unnecessarily costly solution to the problem.

The benefit to the environment of repairing rather than replacing is considerable. In order to purchase a new bathroom or fitting it must be manufactured. This process uses valuable resources which are not sustainable but also uses significant quantities of energy. This energy is generally sourced from non-renewable sources that also damage the environment. By utilising techniques such as shower tray repair homeowners not only minimise their demands upon the Earth’s natural resources but they also minimise the energy required to restore the bathroom to its former glory. Making use of bath repairs is the logical choice for the environmentally aware and those who wish to minimise their imprint on the earth.

Homeowners should also consider the disposal of their old bathroom or fittings. It is likely that once disposed of old bathrooms and fittings will end up in a landfill site. Recycling generally is not widely available for such fittings. The environmental impact of simply burying waste in the ground is considerable and is not a wise use of the available resources. By choosing shower tray repairs in preference to replacing the shower tray entirely homeowners can eliminate the waste produced from restoring the bathroom entirely. Utilising techniques such as bath repairs is the environmentally responsible choice for the homeowner.

With so much attention given by the world’s media today to the problem of climate change and declining resources, many are seeking ways in which they minimise their impact on the earth and its resources. Many initiatives are ongoing when it comes to motor vehicles and home energy production; however homeowners can also make a difference when it comes to home improvements. By choosing repairs over replacements, homeowners can choose an environmentally friendly alternative which will also save a considerable amount of money.