Winter Floors

As far as the saying goes; winter has come. Which isn’t technically the right saying, but it is technically correct! So how can we ‘brace’ our homes for the cold weather, darker nights and shorter days? Well, there are a number of methods actually… allow us to elaborate.

The key aspect with this season is to make your home feel as cosy as you possibly can, think sheepskin rugs, tea light candles, rustic features and deep, dark floorboards. Now you may be wondering what an earth the floor has to do with the cosiness of your house, but actually this is where you should always start! We’re talking wide length planks, smoked finishes and focusing on elements like the colour of your floor.

That’s right; the colour of a floor can have a detrimental effect on the temperature perception of a room. As you’re probably aware, the lighter the colour of a floor, the colder and airier the room will feel. Whereas darker, richer colours will help to promote that warm, cosy feel. We’re thinking dark oak and even the likes of stunning walnut flooring.

In order to help you achieve that almost ‘Scandinavian’ effect, there are a number of finishes you can apply to your wood floors. One of the most popular is the smoked finish; this can make your floor appear similar to the boards you’d find in reclamation yards or old farmhouses. This style is fantastic for adding character to any room, as the finish can make the boards appear aged in comparison to other floors.

If you’re looking for something that already offers the pre loved, vintage feel then why not invest in natural or rustic grade flooring? You won’t have to apply any sort of finish as this grade comes ready to install! The beauty of these grades is that they offer so much charm; they can instantly transform any room they are installed in, offering a quaint and classic feel.

For something a little different there’s the dazzling Herringbone flooring, this style of parquet has come on leaps and bounds over the years and is now a staple choice in most interior editorials. Herringbone has been in the limelight before, many years ago, but it lost its appeal due to overuse in the likes of schools and church halls. However, it has since experienced rejuvenation and is enjoying its time in the spotlight once again. This style makes for a perfect cosy accompaniment to any home, paired with a big shag rug and lots of fluffy accessories; it’s a wonderful addition for winter.

For further information on how to make your home cosy for winter, simply search the term ‘Hygge’. This trend has been massive over the course of 2017 and we can only see it continuing long into the new year!