Sports Betting – How to Stake on Soccer

Sports betting is huge and has an incredibly lucrative market. In every conceivable way, punters have continued to explore it, getting the best from it. This awareness has increased both the number of players and bookmakers available. Also, this growth has made the game more competitive and fun.

Here, this guide is meant to guide you regarding how to bet on soccer games. Through the expertise of Kate Richardson, the author here, you get to get credible knowledge about this aspect of sports betting.

Interestingly, it is very easy to stake games using mobile apps like the wazobet app. such apps make the process hassle-free and engaging. Get ready as we dive fully into this interesting topic.

Various Methods of Staking on Soccer Games

Generally, soccer is a top-tier bet sport. Ideally, there are various methods of betting on a single game. This is a valid reason to take posts like this seriously. Here are the methods to consider:

Staking The 3-Way Moneyline

The 3-way Moneyline is easy and straightforward. Here, there are three possible outcomes of the event between the two teams. It is either team A wins, team B wins, or Both teams end in a tie. For instance, with your wazobet app, you would be able to select one of these three options. Ideally, winners of a soccer bet are determined after playtime, usually 90 minutes. This is because most soccer games are 90minutes long, except they are knockout games.

Staking The 2-Way Moneyline

Another way of staking soccer bet is the 2-Way Moneyline bet. The 2-Way Moneyline bet is a bit similar to the 3-Way Moneyline bet but lacks the draw option. Here, the two stakes available are; either team A wins, or team B wins. Already the option of a draw has been eliminated. Here, the odds are likely to be inflated on the favourite while it would be deflated for the underdog. The 2-Way Moneyline also applies to knockout games that feature two legs or extra-time to decide a winner.

Betting Goal Lines

This third method of sports betting holds more room for flexibility. However, it is similar to the 2-Way Moneyline bet still without the draw option. With the goal lines, punters can win a bet with several outcomes. ideally, goal lines are usually 0.5 goals, but if there are favourite teams, it could go up to 1,1.5, 2, 2.5 etcetera. Goal lines usually refer to what number of goals will be surpassed in a game. Basically, an O1.5 goal line selection means that the soccer match will feature at least 2 goals.


Betting totals is another incredible way to bet on soccer games. Totals are similar to goal lines and operate on the same statistic, goals. Here, you can pick the number of goals to be expected in each half, entire match, from either or both teams, and at a particular limit. As such, it offers a wider range of betting selections when compared to the goal line bets.

Ideally, this could be represented in multiples of 0.25 goals. Goals are fewer in soccer, so it is possible that on a wazobet app, the Totals could be set at 2.25 or perhaps 2.75. What this implies is that the bet place at Over 2.5 would be staked at “Over 2” while the other half on “Over 2.5”. You would lose half the bet if the game settles on 2, but both bets are won if it settles on 3.

Frequently Asked Questions About The wazobet app

The wazobet app is one of the most popular sportsbook apps in Kenya. In this section, we give answers to some of the common questions about the wazobet app.

On What Mobile Platforms Is wazobet app Available

The wazobet app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. iPhone users can download the sportsbook app conveniently on their app store. Android users on the other hand have to visit the melbet website to download the official mobile app.

Which Is Better, Website or wazobet app?

Both the mobile and web versions of the melbet sportsbook are user-centric. The two options are well optimised and ideal for a smooth betting experience. In terms of which works better, users are advised to get the app.

This is because the wazobet app literally brings the sportsbook with you, everywhere. It’s also faster and more comfortable as it can be used from anywhere with low data consumption.

Benefits of The wazobet app

The mobile application comes with a range of advantages over the traditional web version. It’s the efficacy of the wazobet app option that keeps Kenyan punters wowed. Some of the benefits of the mobile app include Live betting and results of sports events, Jackpots and e-sports, bonuses and other promotional offers.

The wazobet app features lots of options that engage the punter and has them wanting more. When it comes to soccer bets, you can wager on a variety of options such as the goal lines and totals mentioned above.

While there are several other methods and betting options for soccer, those listed above are the most popular. All of these betting options are available on the wazobet app. Whatever betting option you choose, you need to understand how it works. For more betting tips, app reviews and strategies, you can subscribe to the Mightytips mailing list here. Mightytips is a punter oriented website that focuses on informing and ensuring a safe betting market for punters worldwide.