Smart and Stylish Harnesses for Your Toy Breed

There are many Stylish Harnesses for Your Toy Breed that would look great

If you have a toy breed of dog like a Maltese, you may be familiar with the shallow breathing and coughing sounds. This is because their trachea is irritated or collapsed, a common side effect of genetic breathing. In fact, it is believed that around 40% of all toy breeds have problems with their trachea, with the worst affected being the toy poodles, the Maltese, the Italian greyhounds, the Pomeranians, the Yorkshire terriers, and the Chihuahuas. If you have such a dog then it is very important that you get a proper designer dog harness.

One of the reasons why a harness is so important, is that a regular collar will actually make their condition worse. Every time a dog pulls on their lead, their collar presses against their trachea. This can make the pre-existing condition worse than what it already was. The question then becomes, however, how you choose the right harness. The following information may be of benefit to your four-legged friend.

1. Measure Your Dog

First of all, you have to measure your dog’s girth (it’s widest part behind the front legs), its topline (from the base of the tail to where to collar lies, and the circumference of the dog’s neck.

2. Comfort Has to Come First

Make sure that you don’t choose a harness that can irritate your dog’s skin because it has pressure spots. This is very common with unfinished leather and nylon. Instead, choose breathable fabrics such as neoprene blends or 100% cotton. These can also be washed and dry quickly. If you insist on leather, then make sure it is ‘tubular’. This does cost a bit more, but it will last a lifetime.

3. Love what You Pick

When you pick a harness that you love, you will also be more motivated to get your dog used to it as well. So don’t be afraid to go for something with a theme. There are so man designer harnesses out there now, ranging from the rocker to the hippie, that you can guarantee to find something that matches both your and your dog’s personality.

4. Have Fun

Last but not least, you have to make it fun. Dogs are creatures of habit, which means they may be quite resistant to a harness the first time around. However, they take their cues from you. If you show that you are enthusiastic and that you’re going to take your dog on a great big adventure (a walk), they will be more willing to try it as well. After all, a dog’s main goal is to please its owner.

If you have a toy breed, it is very important that you take responsibility for the fact that you have chosen an animal that has complex difficulties because of genetic manipulation. You must make sure that they are safe and comfortable therefore, and this means getting rid of the collar and choosing a harness instead. The collar can still be present, but only to attach the dog tag to.