Signs You Should Visit a Pain Management Center

Bowie is a city in Maryland located in Prince George County. From a small railroad stop to the largest municipality in Prince George County, Bowie has grown as the fifth most populated city in Maryland and the third-largest by area.  

The 55,000-odd residents of Bowie are a blessed lot, thanks to the fifty miles of bike trails that beckon them for frequent outings. Also, the indoor ice rink and tennis courts offer ample recreation and fitness options. However, the injury rates are also high, and pain management clinics are sought by bikers, athletes, sportspeople, and the elderly alike. 

Whether you suffer pain due to injury or suffer pain without any injury, it will not go away unless you treat the pain. Chronic pain can catch up on you without warning, and it can start with shooting pain that prolongs for years despite several visits to your physician, giving no relief. If you live in or around Bowie and have noticed the below signs and symptoms of pain, it’s best to reach out to specialized pain management clinics like Pain Management bowie MD – Synergy Spine and Pain Center.

Here are some signs that show you should visit a pain management center:

Consistent Pain that won’t Go Away

There is a significant increase in the senior population in Prince George’s County and Bowie. With older people prone to joint and back pain, Bowie’s pain management centers can provide preventive and effective remedies to tackle pain.  

What starts as mild pain can get intense over a period without responding to treatment. If the pain persists even after two to three months of medication and therapy, you need to be on your guard and have specialist doctors investigate the reason behind the chronic pain. It would help if you were examined by a pain management practitioner specializing in resolving acute, severe pain that won’t go with regular treatment.

Such specialists are trained in investigating and evaluating such complex pain problems and can come up with effective treatment options not tried by you until now. There is no point in continuing the prescription pain killers that offer temporary relief from the pain but never address the pain’s cause.  

Sharp Pain Radiating to Other Parts of the Body

Usually, the pain may start at some point in the body. However, it may not remain in that area and radiates to the other areas of the body. This sort of pain should never be neglected, and seeking immediate specialist medical treatment in Bowie is crucial not just to arrest the pain but to seek a permanent cure.

 If left untreated, such a condition can turn into chronic pain. What’s required at this point is an expert diagnosis by a board-certified physician in Maryland, leading to a treatment course that helps find a permanent cure. Early diagnosis and intervention help you manage the pain, thanks to specialists’ multidisciplinary approach in pain management. 

Pain Interferes with your Daily Routine

Your daily routine goes for a toss because of the severe, chronic pain you suffer. Pain is a negative life-changer and often affects the quality of life of the patient. For instance, suppose you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you don’t suffer pain just in the joint and hip; the pain can spread to the back and is known as spinal osteoarthritis. 

Often, osteoarthritis limits your mobility and affects your daily routine. Did you know that osteoarthritis affects more women than men? Research studies indicate that women are more prone to back pain than men. Spinal osteoarthritis is a severe condition due to the breaking down of fibrous cartilage present in the facet joint. It results in excruciating pain that interferes with your chores. 

Obesity can be another contributor to pain conditions. Particularly in Maryland that ranks at the 33rd position of the most obese states, and obesity prevalence is at 28.9% in Maryland. A sedentary lifestyle can put you at a higher risk of suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis.

Over-the-Counter Medicines no Longer Work 

Bowie’s largest employers are public schools, technology services, and public administration services, often involving strenuous pressure at work and putting you in continuous stress. The build-up of stress can often lead to pain and fatigue, causing inflammation and other painful conditions.

 When you first experience mild pain, the immediate reaction is to reach out for over-the-counter medication that usually works. OTC medicines help eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by minor injuries, a splitting headache, or pain caused by any other illness. 

However, OTC medicines are not adequate for treating long-term symptoms, which you may not be aware of. Only after taking OTC medicines for some time and getting no relief from pain do you realize the gravity of the situation. It’s time to visit the pain specialists in Bowie to investigate the pain’s actual cause and seek professional treatment and freedom from the pain. When ordinary OTC medicines do not work, it is an indication of a severe underlying condition.

Summing it Up

Bowie is a city with several scenic walking trails. If pain is preventing you from enjoying your hikes or walks in the city, it’s time to consult a pain management specialist like pain management Bowie MD – Synergy Spine and pain center. Any pain that continues for more than a couple of weeks needs to be investigated and diagnosed. Specialists will recommend a proper course of treatment.