Seves Unique Decor Ideas to Put in Your Home

Adding decor in the home brings a striking look. You can furnish a room using furniture or wall art, cushions, and curtains. You need to play around with these additions to bring out your home’s unique look. You can get the decor ideas from a designer through a decor magazine or online decor sites. Home decor ideas vary according to the owner’s taste and preference, their hobbies space in the room, and their financial status.

This article features some of the decor ideas to put in your sitting room area, pathways, kitchen area, and the bedroom.

Rolling Ladder

Rolling ladders are made in different shapes and sizes using light materials. Some are made of beautifully crafted wood materials that you can also paint to add color. There are also metallic ladders great for those trying to save space.

The ladders feature tracks allowing you to move from right to left. Apart from using it as a ladder, you can add it to add a unique element to your home. You can display beautiful quilts or blankets on it. Use the ladder to display seasonal décor such as pine or burlap garlands, string lights, or even an air plant or two. Adding a rolling ladder into your kitchen will give it an uncommon design and also help you reach kitchen shelves. Also, use it to display your portraits or books in a unique way.

Play Around With Plants

Plants are a good part of home decor because of the natural habitat feeling they bring in the house; they can also be flowers or medicinal herbs. Plants in the room area are a great way of reducing toxins in the air, increasing the air quality, and are useful in providing aromatherapy benefits. Other benefits of plants include reduction of blood pressure, energizing the mind which encourages healthy sleep. It can even lower the stress level.

Good home design should include either natural or artificial plants because they bring in color effects and different textures. You should not worry about the size of space in the room because there are small plants, such as succulents, to fit in the areas on a small shelve. Plants can be in rooms or outside the house according to your preference.

Portrait Photos Make Good Décor Ideas

With a well-decorated wall full of memorable photos, your home will be so comfortable and bring in a sense of belonging. The images require mounting on the wall and placed in strategic places to enhance their visibility.

The portraits will never get outdated and will give you good memories when family members separate due to individual commitments. You can decide to put a photo album too or place a portrait photo at strategic places like the fireplace. Make a gallery wall either in the corridors, an accent wall in the bedroom or sitting room and make them unique.

Don’t Forget Artwork

Artwork includes drawings, handicrafts, and art collections. You can draw on the walls or do paintings that can extend to the ceiling from the wall giving the room an excellent polished and organic look. Get art collections from a previous trip, like a stone cutting, and place it on top of tables.

Put historical drawings on the walls, animal drawings on canvas, or a woven basket to bring out a unique taste. Currently, there are lots of wood cuttings that you can use in decorating the home. These include crafted wooden seats that can be used in the balconies to relax, or you can use a crafted table in the living room. You can even make your style of home completely artistic.

Candles Work Magic

Use candles of different colors to add taste to your bathroom or bedroom. Candles can be relaxing and make the home warmer. Light them on a windowsill or beautiful sconces. Go for the candles with scents and of different heights, and don’t forget to include classy candle holders.

In the kitchen, try infusing colors and shapes that match the vintage kitchen design. While watching a movie, put a candle on the wall using a holder, or still, you can use a candle at the fireplace as a unique design.

LED aquarium light

You can also add a fish tank with LED aquarium lights to your room. This particular idea will allow you to use less lighting and cover more area. LED lights do not generate the heat that fluorescent light bulbs do, and so they won’t heat up your aquarium water. A very popular advantage of LED lights is the fact that they last far longer than other traditional types of lighting. LED lights are durable and efficient lighting options. They are not prone to damage due to their small size. Their unmatched brightness and long life give you value for money. Their high-intensity illumination offers excellent quality lighting convenient for all spaces in your home.

Play Around With Curtains

A right combination of curtains creates a great aura in the home. Consider mixing cool colors and fabrics to achieve the appearance you desire. Consider the type of curtain and how they are put in place because the curtain type will determine the amount of natural light in the room.

You can decide to have drapes that have linings or curtains that have no lining and are light and economical. Go for velvet linen and silk curtains because of their good qualities for draping and hanging. Heavy curtains can prevent excess light from getting into the room.

To have a home with unique decor, consider using furniture, curtains, candles, plants, and photos or artwork to bring your outstanding decor skills in your home. Don’t limit yourself. Try many decor combinations to get the desired look you are after.