Finding the Right Handyman for Your Home or Business

The occupation of a handyman is to perform multiple jobs in and around your home or business. This includes everything from replacement of bathroom fixtures, fixing cabinets, putting up doors and drywall, repairing a driveway, assembling and moving office furniture, hanging pictures, installing garage door openers, and dozens of other handy chores. In other words, a handyman is skilled in many trades and can do carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry, landscaping, and some household work.

To be clear, not all handymen can do every job listed, but many can do at least some level of each job. If the job is too complicated or requires someone to be certified, then the best course of action is to get a professional. But for most other jobs, there is a handyman who can do it well.

Most homeowners need the number for a good handyman, because with a home there is always something that needs repair. But finding one takes caution because this is someone you will let into your home and who will have access to your valuables and family. So how do you select a handyman and insure he is capable and responsible?

Hire Through a Professional Service

Most handyman services are provided by independent individuals who do not have a real business, or if they do, it is run very unprofessionally. They get to you when they can, do the work on their own schedule, and sometimes leave you with a mess. The better way to do things is to call a local handyman through a service that will oversee the person and ensure that he has a professional demeanor and does quality work.

Get a Guarantee for their Work

Whenever you hire a handyman, you should explain the exact work needed and then be given a written estimate on price. At that point both the price and the work gets guaranteed. They should also have lots of experience in doing the job you want done.

Too often homeowners find that the work is sub-standard and they are left in worse condition than when they started. You should receive a written contract that gives you recourse if the handyman does not complete the job to your satisfaction.

Make Sure They have Insurance

No matter how skilled the handyman is at his job, accidents happen. And some of those accidents can cost you lots of money. So make sure that your handyman has insurance for any job that he is hired to do at your home or office. You should ask to see proof of insurance and make sure it is an up to date policy.

Make Sure Their Fees are Competitive

Contrary to popular belief, handyman fees vary wildly. Some charge per job, others per hour and some by the day or half day. You need to understand the job you want done and have in mind about how much time you think it will take and then shop prices. Good handyman services can tell you up front what the likely time for completion should be so you do not have an open ended job whose costs get out of control. Also feel free to tip the handyman.

Follow these guidelines for hiring a handyman and you will get a great one who does a fantastic job for you.