Secure Channels Inc. talk about the biggest data encryption myths

There’s no doubt that the buzzword in business right now is security. It’s something that was once frowned upon, and frequently ignored, but now the situation has turned on its head.

Various high-profile security breaches at large companies all over the world mean that the emphasis on customer data is larger than it ever has been. This is the reason news stories like the new encryption technologies at the likes of Secure Channels Inc. are proving to be so popular. It’s technologies like this which can prevent a security breach and ultimately, save a business.

With so much emphasis now placed on security, we decided to ask Secure Channels Inc. about the various myths which they are starting to hear so much in the industry. Let’s now take a look at some of them in detail through the course of this post.

“If your organization doesn’t have compliance requirements, you don’t need encryption”

The first misconception we will look at is quite worrying and if you fall into said category, you should look to change the way you approach this section of your business.

There’s no doubt that encryption is more important for some businesses than others, particularly if this business happens to be within an industry where this is all but a legal requirement. However, even if the industry doesn’t directly state this, if you are dealing with customer data there’s no doubt that the direction we’re heading in right now means that you should work to protect this with encryption.

“Encryption requires too many resources”

Some of the new technologies mean that encryption is now easier than ever before to implement. A lot of the difficulties start to occur when companies don’t quite know which data they are going to encrypt – but this is more of a communication concern rather than anything else.

There are now plenty of encryption solutions that will sit beneath your system, meaning that you don’t need to modify it in order for it to be effective.

“Encrypted data cannot be stolen”

This is one of the stranger myths as in truth, encrypted data can be stolen. The big point here is that some encryption techniques make it more difficult to steal than others. This is significant and something that you should think about when you make your next security decision.

“SSL is sufficient for encryption”

Let’s conclude with one of the biggest misconceptions, that can also really hurt a business if it is taken advantage of.

We’re certainly in the era of SSL, and it’s great to see so many websites taking this technology on-board. It’s been pushed by Google and so far the uptake has been promising.

However, to assume that this is sufficient would be a gross understatement. SSL is only able to encrypt data when it is moving. This means that as soon as website is looking to store said data, it is no longer covered. Clearly, this is a massive issue.