Do You Really Need a Search Engine Optimization Expert?

SEO services are becoming increasingly popular, and this has led to there now being thousands of SEO companies around. As such, finding help isn’t hard anymore. But do you really need an SEO company at all?

Many businesses use SEO services. This is understandable because around 50% of all sales around the world are now completed online. This means that online marketing, which is essentially what SEO is, is a vital tool. What the internet has allowed us to do is grow tremendously at a very low cost.


How SEO Services Work

Generally, companies outsource their SEO work to other companies. With that being said, most of those companies will choose an SEO company that has had experience in their industry. It’s like how automotive corporations at SEMA choose to outsource their SEO work to an automotive SEO company. If people had the time, they would be able to do it themselves as well. However, they do not have this time so the fact that they can learn about things themselves doesn’t really matter. However, it isn’t just the time constraints that are of importance. There are various other reasons as to why you may need an SEO company. These include:

  1. You having to give your business your full attention, which means you simply do not have the time to look into your online statistics yourself.
  2. You do not have any employees who have the necessary skills and qualifications to get to work on your SEO. You should only work with experts because getting things wrong in SEO could cost you dearly. You could even end up being fully de-indexed, which means the search engines will never be able to find you.
  3. You have tried to optimize your site yourself but you have not seen any real results. This is because you may have some knowledge about SEO, you don’t know all the difference tactics and techniques. SEO companies have all the necessary resources to do the job properly for you.

When you outsource your SEO, it is very important that you carefully plan which company to work with. Some SEO companies use black hat tactics, which could get you penalized and de-indexed as well. Hence, you need to find a company that is professional and uses honest tactics only. There are a couple of red flags to be aware of:

  1. Companies that say they guarantee a certain result. It is impossible to do this, since what you do is affected by what others do, and you cannot control that.
  2. The price seems too good to be true, or too high to make sense. SEO services aren’t free, and they aren’t even cheap. However, they shouldn’t cost the earth either. You need to spend some time looking at the different companies and their costs, so that you can see what a fair average is.
  3. They don’t offer any scheduled reporting.
  4. They do not have a real address on their website.
  5. They don’t contact you regularly to discuss how their work is progressing. They should always come up with new ethical and innovative practices when it comes to SEO and how they address it.