What Medications Contain Cannabinoids?

These days, you can get pretty much everything delivered, and now medical cannabis is no different. This does not necessarily mean that someone is going to be driving around pounds and pounds of marijuana, although that is the image many anti-medical cannabis people would like to paint and present. There are some people who like to smoke their medicinal marijuana, but there are others who actually want to take their cannabinoids in a medication like a pill or a capsule. Whether you are looking for outright medical marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles, or you are looking for specialized medications, there is a company who is here to help you where they can.

Specific Medications

Currently, in medical research and development, scientist, chemist and others who study and work on the medical impact of cannabinoids, have learned how to extract and, in some cases, create a synthetic version of the natural cannabinoids created in nature. There are three main medications that are used that contain synthetic or natural cannabinoids:

  • Dronabinol (Marinol)- This THC prominent medication is used to stimulate appetite. Primarily prescribed to people who are suffering from cancer.
  • Nabilone(Cesamet)- This is a synthetic cannabinoid, and a derivative of Marinol.
  • Rimonabant– This medication has cannabinoid properties that at one point was used to counteract obesity and smoking.

Synthetic Cannabis Dangers

There are some dangers associated with synthetic cannabis that reaches far beyond any medical usage. Over the last several years, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has been cracking down on a drug called Spice. Spice is basically synthetic marijuana without any medicinal purpose. Smoking Spice can make you devastatingly sick and have tremendous adverse effects on the body and brain.

Green Door West is a special cannabis delivery company that helps you to take care of your medicinal marijuana needs, even if it is in the form of medication.