Low budget summer holiday activities

Once you’ve booked your flights and accommodation, you’ll need to find ways to stay entertained on your foreign excursion without breaking the bank. So unless you want to spend your holiday flicking through the channels on your hotel TV, here are some great low budget summer holiday activities that range from expert local information apps to some smartphone-friendly online games.

There are Low budget summer holiday activities in Rome ... who knew?!

Upon arriving in your destination, we’re all invariably faced with something of a culture shock as we get used to our new environs. But with the Like A Local app you can quickly search through your city’s attractions to find something that’s well suited to your own tastes and budget. What’s great about this app is that all of the information is specially curated by locals so that you can avoid the tourist traps and save yourself some holiday cash.

One of the biggest sources of expenditure on a holiday is food and drink. We all know that some of the best value restaurants are usually found away from the main tourist attractions, and if you’re really looking for the taste of local cuisine with the homely touch, then consider getting the Eatwith app. This allows you to find hosts in over 150 countries who are willing to cook up some tasty meals for what usually works out as being a lot less than a standard restaurant.

Once you’ve dined out, then what better way to relax than with some online games? The hugely popular Would You Rather app can reveal some fascinating insights about your travel buddies, or if language barrier is an issue, then Mr Smith Casino has a great selection of games like the Win Sum Dim Sum slots game that’s perfect for adding a touch of casino glamour without having to head to the expensive real-life counterpart.

If you’re looking to celebrate your slot game win, then definitely download the Party With A Local app that helps you hunt down the best bars in your area and helps you find where the party is about to kick off!

And finally, if you’re at a loss about how to get across the city without paying for an expensive taxi ride, then the BlaBlaCar app is a great way to help you find a ride from a driver with an empty seat who can provide you with some illuminating local knowledge and it won’t take any of casino winnings either!