Love Beyond Convention: Staying Happy Together in a Lesbian Relationship

Lesbian Relationship

Relationships of all kind are tricky and they each come with their own unique set of problems, as well as some general issues inherent to any relationship between two human beings. A lesbian relationship is not an exception to that rule either, although some of the issues faced by a lesbian couple are certainly unique.

After gathering tips and listening to experiences from older lesbian couples who have been together for years and have seen it all, we have found a few key points that other, younger lesbian couples may actually find to be very helpful in solving problems and staying happy together for years to come.

Expect Less from the Other and More from Yourself

A universal fact about happiness is that it never truly depends on another person in your life, whoever she may be.

This is why it is important to expect less from your partner, and more from yourself. That, however, doesn’t mean you two should be selfish by any means. On the contrary, this implies that when each partner starts to expect less from the other and puts in more effort towards making their loved one happy instead, it becomes a mutually happy and satisfactory relationship automatically.

Understand the Sexual Needs of Your Partner

It is important to understand the sexual needs of each other in any relationship, but when it comes to lesbian couples, it can get a little complicated.

While it would be quite unfair to comment on the particular sexual needs and preferences that a couple shares without knowing them personally, it would be appropriate to state that when two women are in a relationship, most of their sexual needs are similar. When you think about it, this actually makes it easier to understand your partner’s desires!

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Build Common Ground If there isn’t Any

Lesbian relationships are not immune to the deadly effects of boredom, so it is necessary that boredom is never something which one partner begins to associate with the other.

The best way to kill boredom, without sitting on the couch and scrolling through social media on each other’s phones, is to get involved in a mutual activity.

Of course, sex is a great mutual activity and one of the structural pillars of your relationship, but there needs to be something beyond sex that binds you two for a relationship to last.

As far as what that common ground could be, your choices are only limited by your preferences. Put some effort into it and find out if there isn’t one or more hobbies that both of you would like to get involved in together. Check out some of the ideas below and see if anything appeals to you.

Travel to a Special Place

Everyone travels these days and it would be hard to find a couple who wouldn’t like to take a vacation if they can. Therefore, general travel doesn’t count. What counts is when you two find out about a mutual place that both of you always wanted to visit but haven’t already. That trip could rekindle the romanticism again.

Play Video Games Together

It may sound childish to people who have never played a game together with their partner before but rest assured that when it comes to everyday life, very few things can bond a couple in a mutual activity than video game sessions after work. It is a proven, time-tested fact that video games work, as it builds a sense of team between the two of you which might be what was missing all along.

Make Date Nights Mandatory, but Not the Activities

Date nights can become a monotonous and often dreaded weekly activity that one or both partners look at in the similar way they look forward to laundry day or housecleaning day! To prevent that from happening, simply make each date an interesting one which has no fixed boundaries for the activities that you two can get involved in, as long as both of you are together and enjoying yourselves.

Sometimes, there doesn’t even have to be a real problem for either partner to take a positive action towards improving things because when you love someone, it’s never a bad idea to try and make her happy on a good day, so that memories from those good days help you two fight through the bad ones. Shops like Adore Passion Canada, help couples become intimate again and even learn new ways to make things more exciting.