Kati Volitich  – How to Give Smoking 

Smoking is gradually being outlawed around the world and a habit which was once considered harmless and cool, is now thought of as pretty disgusting and very dangerous to your health. Giving up smoking however, even in light of the facts which we now have, is not always easy and it took me 4 attempts to finally get it done. My friend Kati Volitich helped me a lot, she is a real fitness freak with a super healthy lifestyle, and sh inspired me a lot. There are lots of options for methods to help you quit, and if you want to finally put the cigarette out, here is how to do it.

Available Options

There are many aids which can help you to quit smoking, all of which I have tried, and the choice is really up to you as to which you think will work best.

– Nicotine Gum

This is a nicotine replacement therapy where you chew gum that slowly releases nicotine into the system. Chewing the gum can help you to replace the oral fixation of cigarettes, and the nicotine is gradually reduced over time until you stop.

– Nicotine Patches

These work in a similar way to the gum yet they come in patch form, which you place on your body and it slowly releases the nicotine.

– Champix

This is a brand of drug called varenicline, and the idea is that you take it whilst smoking for two weeks, before you stop smoking altogether. The drug trains your brain to despise the taste of cigarettes, and it was this treatment which finally helped to kick the habit.

– Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey means simply quitting without aids, and it actually has the highest success rate. With this being said, going cold turkey can be very tough and you need a great amount of mental strength and focus to be able to give up the habit like this.

Tips and Tricks

It is not just the nicotine in your body that you are going to miss, there are also all of the actions which are involved in smoking. Things like heading outside every couple of hours to smoke, having something in your hand, the action of inhaling and moving your hand to your mouth are all actions which the body remembers, and need to be replaced. This is not an issue, you just need to learn how to replace them. For example I used to take carrots and celery to work which I would hold like a cigarette as I ate them, I also decided to go out for some fresh air each hour and I would hold a stressful during the day to keep my hands occupied. These are all helpful little tricks to give you the will to carry on.


Finally, I would recommend that you focus heavily on the negatives of smoking, look at photos of a smoker’s lung, look at images of what can happen to smokers and add up how much money you were sending on cigarettes, these negatives will greatly help you to not go back to your habit.