Best and Worst New Football Kits 2016

A great football (soccer) team deserves a great kit (jersey) but just because you deserve something doesn’t always mean you will get it. Sometimes great teams get terrible kits or terrible teams get great kits. Here are some football kits that will leave you saying “no, no, no!” as well as some that will leave you saying “goal!!!” Check out  the best and worst new football kits 2016.

The Worst
While the the football kits of the team’s in this years Euro Cup (as seen in the infographic) don’t all have great kits; they are no wear near some of the worst of all time. Check out the usually stylish French national team’s football kits from 1996 and 2008, not eye-pleasing at all. Even there latest 2016 kit looks like something out of a comic-book movie more than a football pitch. Another mishap from a nation known for fashion is Italy’s 2012 kit. This uniform was needlessly busy and though only 4 years old, seems incredibly dated today. Remember even a good team can win with a bad kit.

The Best
France’s 2012 kits gave a very Parisian vibe, with horizontal stripes so quintessentially French.  Italy’s 1996 kits brought us a touch of class with polo-esque collars, though decisive many fins miss this unique addition. Germany’s 2012 football kits were also a big hit with the fans, the colors of the german flag were represented as thin diagonal lines. Often using the colors of a flag can be gaudy and overdone but the german subtlety paid of here.

The games are expesnive more than just the kits. take a look at the infographic below and tell us what you think the best and worst new football kits 2016 are.

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