Important Dirt Bike Rain Gear You Can’t Ignore

Dirt bikers are an adventurous lot. They get excited when they ride in rough, untamed terrain. Not only that, but they also tend to welcome riding in bad weather or during the rainy season.

For them, riding in the rain is an aspect of their quest for adventure. But bikers know that if they get wet, they might get sick. Also, soggy clothes will ruin their concentration. If they get wet, they are easily prone to fatigue.

Knowing its hazards, dirt bikers make sure that they are properly geared up to face the bad weather by wearing proper rain gear. Good rain gear lets a biker enjoy riding in the rain without getting himself wet. Good rain gear lets a biker enjoy riding in the rain without getting himself wet. 

If you’re one of them, this article is for you. We have included important rain gear and bike tips that will help you prep better for rain riding. 

Have a look. 

Rain Suit

A good rain suit with a hood is one of the most important gear. Most rain suits are lined with Gore-Tex so that they are waterproof. Also, most rain suits are made out of two gears, a coat and waterproof pants where the rider can wear over their main pants. However, many companies design one-piece rain suits that provide warmth.

A good rain suit also has a zipper or button front. When the rider closes this up, no rainwater can get inside it. It is important to choose a suit that provides comfort and ease of entry. It is also important to choose bright colours because this will make him more visible to other motorists.

Bikers are wary of two-piece rain suits that have loose tails. They can get caught into the spokes of the dirt bike.


Another component in good rain gear is a pair of boots. Most quality boots are made of leather. They should be tough and waterproof. Boots from brands such as Alpinestars and MX Store are very good choices.

Waterproof Gloves

The next component in good rain gear is a pair of gloves to keep a biker’s hands dry. Most gloves that are treated with Gore-Tex are waterproof. Gloves also allow a biker to have a good grip on the handlebar, which might be slippery when wet.

A biker is aware that if he wears his gloves under the cuffs of his rain suit, the insides will stay dry longer. That’s because no rainwater can get inside the opening.

A Full Face Helmet

The last but most important thing in proper rain gear is a full-face helmet. Not only does this protect the biker from crashes, but it also protects his eyes from fast-moving drops of rainwater. Those water drops hurt when they hit the face. A quarter face or a half-face helmet is not enough as it allows the rain to drip down inside the helmet.

Motocross Helmets are a must when it comes to motocross racing. You can find the quality ones at the MX Store. 

Dirt Bike Rain Pants

When you’re driving in the rain and facing mud-filled tracks, you definitely ought to have good rain pants. Good quality dirt bike rain pants are waterproof and come with waterproof zippers. They also have in-built knee guards that take away your need to get those separately. 

Always go with rain pants that have an over the boot design. Other build materials for rain pants include laminated nylon shell and Gore-Tex 3-Layer material. 

Bonus Tip: Check Your Bike

Your bike needs to be in top-notch condition for rain rides. Check your bike tires. Make sure that they are properly inflated and have a proper grip. Check the engine, clutch and gear. Remember, you need to prepare your bike a bit differently when it comes to rain rides. The seats, tires and engine are the important things to look at. 

Wrapping Up

Riding in the rain is no joke. You need to be on your toes, and your bike needs to be in perfect condition for the race. However, with the right rain gear, you can go out riding in any bad weather.