Embrace the motorcycle life with these simple, safe riding tips

For decades the motorcycle has been glamorized as the only mode of transport for cool teens, and high school heartthrobs. The showpiece of a different time when young adults were wild and free and would drop everything to explore and chase a dream.  All they had to do was hit the open road, and ride into the sunset with the girl of their dreams sat up close behind them. 

These days motorcycles are just as popular, although you have to wear more than a bandana and thin leather jacket to pull it off. Today, if you want to ride a motorcycle you have to do it with safety in mind. It’s all about driving defensively, having the right safety gear and being seen. 

Sadly, motorcycle incidents make up a huge percentage of road accidents, and more often then not, the motorcycle rider often comes off worse in a car/bike collision. Is it worth getting a lawyer for a motorcycle accident? Click the link for more information. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple, safe riding tips that all motorcycle riders can use. 

Be as visible as possible

You don’t ride a motorcycle just to get from A to B. You ride it because you know they look good. So, make sure everyone on the road can see you. Most motorcycle accidents happen because other road users fail to spot the bike until it’s too late. Ensure your bike is a bright colour, that you’re wearing a vivid helmet, a high-visibility jacket over your protective gear and consider reflective stripes on your wheels and bike for nighttime driving.

Don’t ride angry

Had a bad day at work? Or an argument with a loved one? When it’s just you on a motorbike, you’re incredibly vulnerable to any kind of impact. You don’t have the additional metal frame that a car has to protect you. Therefore, it’s important to only ride your motorcycle when you’re calm and collected. Only then can you make sensible choices and actions on the road. A misjudged corner or driving at speed to let off steam will only put you at more risk.

Drive defensively

As a motorcycle rider, it’s always better to drive under the assumption that people can’t see you. And to expect that drivers will make decisions based on their belief that you’re not there, such as pulling out of junctions etc. So, always drive defensively, slow down before you reach a junction, assume that the driver is going to turn and hasn’t seen you!

And finally, always have the right gear

High-quality leathers and a helmet with a visor are incredibly important. Many motorcyclists attribute their lives to wearing a helmet and appropriate safety gear after a crash. Don’t skimp on the quality of gear.