How Education has Changed Over The Years

There was a time when students used to go to the teacher’s house and stay there in order to attend classes. It is astonishing how far we have come. Classrooms and schools are just a click away and they come home to us. Education is getting democratized and that’s reason to be hopeful and happy. 

The internet and the advancement in technology have contributed immensely to the changes in our lifestyle. There are 761.29 million internet users in India alone. This opens door to new opportunities and helps bring forth more pronounced changes. 

1. The Shift to Online Education

Though the e-learning concept began in the 1990s, it reached its zenith in the last few years. It reached a whole new level when the pandemic struck. There was a sudden shift to the online mode of education and virtual classrooms

Online teaching has not only become the favorite teaching method but has also become a top work-from-home option. Online teaching jobs are on the rise and this is predominantly due to the comfort and convenience that it offers. Initially, some teachers were apprehensive about the shift. However, teachers who have chosen the right online teaching app are acing it. 

With a lot of online teaching platforms out in the open, teachers can get confused and may end up choosing the wrong platform to teach online. Tutors and educators have to be careful and should choose an app that is in resonance with their requirements. Teachmint is a free online teaching app with a lot of features like live class recording, automated attendance, fee management system, online whiteboard, real-time notifications, and more. What sets Teachmint apart is that it helps teachers to create a website of their own so that they can reach more students! The ways of education have changed drastically and it is definitely for the better.

2. Adult Learners

Like a ripple effect, the shift to online education has enabled people to study part-time. Since online classes do not demand people to be at a particular place, the flexibility is huge and individuals can learn at their own pace and as per their comfort. This is a great opportunity for adult learners and a chance for them to restart their education or start learning while working. A recent study showed that 66% of adult learners prefer online classes because of the reasons that we mentioned before. 

3. Innovative Teaching Methods

Earlier, classrooms were more teacher-centric. It was not really a platform for dialogues. With time, teachers have understood the importance of student inclusivity and student engagement. The attention is also shifting from textbooks and syllabus to creative thinking and life skills. Rather than spoon-feeding kids and handing them the solution, the focus is on telling students how they can arrive at the solution. Innovative teaching strategies and teaching methods are introduced in the classroom. When students are made the crux of the concern, the learning experience is better there is clarity of concepts. The times have changed. There is nothing that is not available on the internet. It is important to nurture the inquisitiveness of the students and to make them fall in love with learning.

Edtech is changing the ways of learning and teaching. It has made the lives of teachers and students easier and has added efficiency to the picture. From fee management to interactive sessions to live class recording, everything is possible through online teaching apps. We are living in the digital era and it is only wise to make the most out of it.