Your extreme house makeover: home renovations that add value

Looking to update your house in the hopes of boosting its value on the local real estate market? There are many home renovations that add value to the list price that you are looking to get from prospective buyers, so let’s get into a few projects that will achieve this goal…


Changing your windows

Along with your front lawn, the windows that grace your home’s exterior form a great deal of the opinion that home buyers will have of your property

You can increase its value by installing ones that make a fashion statement, and keep the interior warm in the winter, and cool during the summer months.

In windows in Richmond Hill, windows  of all kinds can be found that will meet your specifications, as projects of all sorts are executed from in downtown condos and suburban estates alike.

However, we recommend that you call Calgary Windows for window replacement in Atlanta, as this provider has the best selection out of all the players in Georgia’s largest city.

Overhaul your kitchen

In far too many homes, kitchens bearing styles dating back to the 70’s and 80’s turn off many buyers, causing it to be an anchor on the price that they could get for their house.

The cost of some suggested retrofits might scare you off; ignore them, as all you really need to do is change out the counter tops, add some energy-efficient appliances, and lay down a fresh coat of paint, and you can expect to realize a return of investment that will make all the elbow grease applied on this project well worth the time.

Re-invent your bathrooms

One place that can get grimy in a hurry after several years of occupancy is your bathroom, with high humidity from hot showers, rushed mornings, and inadequate cleanings taking their toll over time.

Organization and cleaning habits can be turned around with a bit of effort, but the lack of décor and style that goes into crafting a bathroom is a prime opportunity that one can seize to create a space that will have buyers salivating.

If you can open up space, put down stylish tiles, and add a jacuzzi tub, you’ll create a refuge that will add significant value to your home.


There are so many sad looking backyards in this country that could be turned into a value-adding cash cow with the addition of a handsome looking deck.

Yes, it involves physical effort and planning, but by spending part of a spring or summer drilling holes, and nailing together frames and 2×4’s, you’ll have a spot where potential buyers could host their family and friends on a fine July evening.

That possibility alone will allow you to charge much more than you presently can right now, making it worth all the sweat and hammer-banged thumbs you’ll endure.