Tips to Manage Moving and Storage during Home Renovation

Home renovation is exciting yet tiring work to do. The stress of managing your messes often lessens the thrill of having a new, refurbished home. Home renovations require extensive planning about every little thing, including designated places and ideas to store your items during the process. 

Planning where to put your belongings amidst a home renovation is vital to keep your valuables in utmost safety and prevent them from getting damaged or mishandled. Below, we have discussed a few tips on managing moving and storage during a home renovation. 

1. Rent a self-storage unit 

Self-storage units are a blessing in disguise for people undergoing home renovations. They are easily accessible, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. They guarantee the security of your belongings and ensure safety. They also considerably help in decluttering and clearing up your messes. Most self-storage units are temperature controlled, which helps keep your items protected from outdoor and indoor elements. They have various features as well, like flexible leasing options. 

Therefore, renting a self-storage unit is an excellent idea to store your essentials while undergoing house renovations. 

2. Hire movers 

If you are getting your whole house renovated, you will most probably have to stay at another place temporarily. It is to ensure that the entire renovation process goes smoothly. We recommend you to seek help from professional movers who can transfer all your items safely. Perhaps, you can also store them in storage facilities to ensure maximum care and security. 

Professional movers make sure all your items are transported carefully without any damage. One of the most significant advantages of seeking help from moving companies is that they are cost-effective, reliable and some of them even offer insurance for your items. 

Those living in Bellevue -Washington, can find some of the best moving companies in their vicinity. If you don’t know much about it, try searching for one via the internet. Just type ‘Moving Company in Bellevue Washington’ to get top results. Make sure to pick one that guarantees the best moving services to its customers. 

3. Declutter 

When planning to manage your storage, an essential step is to get rid of things you no longer need. It helps lessen the storage burden and also saves time. The more you declutter, the fewer things you will have to pack. Hence, clearing out unwanted items from your belongings speeds things up to a great extent. Apart from saving time, decluttering also helps you manage and pack your items more quickly. 

4. Create an inventory list 

Having a list of all your valuables is vital. It helps you keep track of everything and ensures that you don’t miss out on any item. An inventory list makes sure nothing is left unaccounted. You can also use it as a reference or reminder for things that you put away in storage. 

It is best to separate your inventory list into different sections. Hence, everything remains sorted. Make one list of fragile items, which may include antiques, frames, and appliances. Make another column for everyday things like clothes, toiletries, kitchenware, etc. You can also use your inventory list to place all items in cartons responsibly. Make sure to label each box to make unboxing easy for you. 

5. Assign a separate room for storage 

If you are getting a single space renovated, there is no need to rent an entire storage unit. It is best to assign one specific room to keep all your items. A basement or a guest bedroom would do the job. 

Wherever you store your items, ensure that there is space for you to move around so you can access your belongings whenever needed. Also, remember to cover everything up with plastic sheets to avoid any spillage or damage. It is especially essential if you have stored your items near the room or space which is under renovation. 

6. Do your research 

Each renovation is different, but one thing common is that you will have workers at your house very often. They could be painters, contractors, movers, or even electricians. Your job is to be thorough with your research before hiring anyone. Only hire the most trustable and credible professionals. The best way to find some credible and reliable companies is by asking for a referral. Perhaps, your friends and family members may guide you well in hiring skilled professionals who can help you with your renovation. 


Home renovation isn’t an easy task. A slight negligence from your side may let things go south. However, the good part about the entire process is that it is temporary. All your efforts will be worth it once you enter your newly renovated, beautiful, and lively space. But, remember, the better you plan it, the better will be the outcomes.