Holidays Are Coming: Surprise a Colleague with the Perfect Gift!

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also the most overwhelming for certain people. If you’ve struggled whenever it came to shopping for presents, then you’re one of those people. So, instead of being excited about the upcoming office Secret Santa party, you’re filled with anxiety, avoiding to shop for a gift until the very last minute.

The thing is, once you stop overthinking and worrying whether the recipient will like the gift or not, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a thoughtful gift that will put a smile on their face. If you’re running out of ideas for the upcoming festive season, we’ve got your back. Keep on reading to get inspired and feel free to steal some of these lovely ideas – we won’t tell!

Make It Tasty

Have you ever seen anyone get disappointed by being offered a tasty treat? I know I haven’t, and for that reason, an edible Christmas gift like a fun-filled treat box consisting of chocolates and toffee sweets makes it to the top of the list. You can provide some festive cheer opting for a gift of treats arranged as a Christmas tree, or throw in some bubbly.

Don’t have a fan of either champagne or chocolates to buy for? Fret not, there are plenty of edible Christmas gift options available at stores, from a box full of cheeses with a distinct flavour to hampers with scotch, beer and gin.

If this isn’t their cup of tea either, there are options of savoury teas and coffee you could give a try instead. Your favourite vegan co-worker wouldn’t feel left out as there are Christmas presents packed with healthy and mouth-watering plant-based truffles, strawberries, and vegan fruit chocs.

Make It Special

How often is it that you take some time to focus on yourself in the hectic daily life? If the answer is “not often enough”, have in mind most of us are like that as we get carried away with the mundane things of every day. So, why not use the occasion to give a hamper for pamper. You know how stressful your line of work is, so you know this gift idea will definitely be appreciated.

There are those that consist of exquisite soaps, body mousse, and lip balm to make me-time all the more special. Some even have bathrobes, scented candles, and essential oils to mimic spa luxury at home. Just what’s needed after a hectic day in the office!

Add skincare from a renowned brand like Dermalogica and you’re sure to pleasantly surprise a woman colleague in your life. With such gifts, whenever she’d get to unwind and relax after a long day, she’d think of you! In other words, you’d help remind her how special she is, and why it’s so important to show herself some TLC.

Make It Funny

Remember the quote often mistakenly attributed to Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”? Well though Maya didn’t write it, the meaning is very much true. So, if you want them to remember your present out of all the others they received in the office, provide happy feelings for them by making them laugh.

You can be as creative as you want with how funny you want the present to be. And this might be very easy if you’re already known as the prankster. Just remember what the person said or wanted as a gift and add your fun twist to it. For example, if they’ve expressed their wish for an Apple watch or laptop that you can’t afford, buy one you can afford and place an apple on it. Want to take it up a notch? Print one of their funny photos on a T-shirt they can wear then wrap it up in various boxes to make it a challenge.

Make It Personal

Coming up with gift ideas for the festive season is ideal if you’re crafty. For instance, if you have a hobby like knitting, you can choose different types of yarn and knit something you know they’d wear with love in the cold days.

If you have Calligraphy skills, this is a great way to create personalised and dreamy handwritten notes and letters they’re sure to keep forever. Plus, they can go so well with edible Christmas gifts and hampers.

If they’re music buffs, you can surprise them by recording your own songs for them, and maybe even go as far as recording a whole album. They’re sure to remember such a gift because when you create something yourself, you include a part of you in the present too!

Make It Educational

Having a hobby is a great way to fill up your days with some meaning, so if you know the person well and you know he or she has always wanted to learn a specific thing, you can sign them up for that. In case they already have a hobby but lack the learning tools or instruments, then make these your Christmas gifts for them this year. This way you not only show you care about what matters to them, but you also show your support for them excelling at their interests.

Make It Meaningful

Though mainly you might be dealing with people who are crazy about checking what Santa left in the stocking, there are those who aren’t too fond of receiving. I can think of minimalists who’d rather stay without a present, even if it’s a tasty edible Christmas gift than deal with clutter at home or regifting.

In such cases, you can make it meaningful by donating to an animal shelter or a charity for cancer, troubled teens or women in their name, as long as you know it’s something they truly care about. After all, sharing is caring, and this is the perfect occasion to spread the holiday cheer.

Things to Know when Choosing a Present

I’m sure you’d agree the aforementioned ideas are great but it doesn’t mean they’re suitable for each and every colleague you plan on surprising. For this reason, you’d have to do a little bit of detective work and find out what it is they really want and need to make gift-giving a success.

A good strategy to stay low-key is to be attentive to what they do and say. Maybe they’re going to share with you the fact their favourite blender finally gave up on them and they need a replacement. Or maybe they’d let it slip they need a new pair of soft socks they forget to buy so you’d know what to buy or create.

In case you don’t know the colleague too well, you can resort to asking around the office what their likes and dislikes are. Or you can eventually give in to snooping on the social networks to find out something more about them on your own. Even Santa would look up to your amazing gifts and maybe even hire you as his elf!