A Few Great Reasons Why a Nanny is the Best Choice for Your Child

Raising a child these days and having to work can create nightmare scenarios for parents. If there is no grandparent or trustworthy relative to care for the child when the parents have to work, the options for childcare get thin fast.  Most parents opt for daycare centers because they present a convenient option. But the drawbacks of daycare centers are well documented:

  • Some daycare centers are very expensive.
  • Your child is likely to be sick more often because of being around so many other kids.
  • Extra fees for early drop off and late pick-ups.
  • Your child cannot attend when ill.
  • No individual attention for your child.
  • Difficulty getting a sense of the quality of the service they provide.

In spite of these negatives many parents feel that daycare centers are their best option. However there are other alternatives to consider, and the most viable is hiring a nanny.

Cost of a nanny can be cheaper than daycare

The conventional thinking is that nannies are much more expensive than daycare and this will most certainly be the case if you only have one child. However, because daycare charges by the child and nannies do not, if you have two or more children your monthly bill will be equal to or much less than daycare. When you use a household staff agency to hire a nanny, they will go over pricing and work with you to get within the price point you need for child care.

Your child gets personal attention

The downside of daycare centers is that there are many other kids and you cannot control how many there will be or who they will be. Some may have behavioral problems that may wear off on your child, others may simply demand an extraordinary amount of the daycare worker’s time, taking time away from your child.

A nanny is totally dedicated to your child giving the attention and focus needed the entire day.

Your child stays in a familiar environment

Many young children experience separation anxiety, when they are left at daycare. The unfamiliar surroundings and the constantly changing staff can create nervousness that causes your child to act out, sometimes violently.

With a nanny, your child stays at home in familiar surroundings and around those things that make your child comfortable. The nanny is the only one there with your child and there is no need for your child to adapt to new caretakers, and other screaming children.

Flexibility of working hours

When you sign a contract with a daycare center, there is a strict set of hours committed to for the care of your child. You are told the drop off and pick up times. The way many parents’ schedules are these days, they often end up late to pick up their child. This causes stress for the parents, the child and the daycare workers, because there are many other kids.

With a nanny you have more flexibility and no worry that the nanny is stressed because of too many kids. Also, you can create a flexible schedule with varying hours from day to day or week to week. If your work requires this, then a nanny is the best choice.

As mentioned, it is best to use a service to hire a nanny. They screen their applicants vigorously, perform background checks and look into their former work history. This insures you get a quality nanny.

When you consider the benefits, a nanny might be the perfect choice for caring for your child.