How to Get a Great Body

It is something that happens to many of us, you walk past the mirror or you are trying on clothes in a shop when you suddenly realize just how out of shape you really are. We all know the facts, we are all aware that a diet of alcohol and junk food are the perfect recipe to a fat belly, big thighs and that second chin that has been recently growing.

For the large majority of us however, there is that moment, that moment when we know that we must fix it, perhaps it’s the mirror moment, maybe even a New Year’s resolution but there is always that moment. Once you have decided that getting in shape is for you, then here are some tips on how you can do exactly that.


The first place you need to start is with the food that you are putting into your body, and it isn’t rocket science. Avoid junk food entirely, pizzas, burgers, take-outs, and anything with high sugar content, if you are truly serious about your body then you need to stay strong in cutting out these foods. Now it’s time to ramp up the fruit and vegetables, you need to be eating 5 per day, everyday, start replacing your fattier meats with things like chicken and turkey, high in protein, low in fat. Generally speaking, junk food is eaten by way of convenience so spend some time on a Sunday planning your meals for the week ahead, hit the supermarket and stock up on what you will need, if you stay prepared, you won’t need to grab something fatty at the last minute.


Now for the slightly tougher task of burning that fat away, despite popular belief, you cannot get your body in great shape through diet alone, you’re going to need to put in more work than that. If you don’t normally exercise then start off slow, simply running or hitting the cross trainer will be enough to get you going. You could also look at things like Pilates and Yoga which focus more on stretching, combine this with your cardio activities. Small things like walking places instead of taking the bus will also help, as will taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Look to start out with 30 minutes exercise per day, then ramp it up to 1 hour and give yourself 2 days break each week.


You can always give yourself a kick start on your weight loss by opting for liposuction, there are some great clinics such as Sono Bello who tailor make surgery to fit with your body and shape. Liposuction is not what it used to be any many clinics now offer laser liposuction which directly targets fat and removes it, sometimes in as little as one day. This isn’t a sure fire way to being in great shape but it will give you a much better body that you can then work on sculpting.