Focus on Safety & Sustainability With Vitamin Packaging

Health-conscious consumers often have high standards for product safety and sustainability. Vitamin and supplement brands can grow a customer base and increase loyalty by addressing these expectations. A service that specializes in the most innovative packaging materials and print design such as ePac Flexible Packaging can ensure that every stage of the process of designing and rolling out new product packaging contributes toward a positive perception of the products sold by wellness brands.

Sealed for Freshness

One of the primary considerations for vitamin packaging is the bioavailability and freshness of ingredients. The packaging materials a producer selects can affect the quality and determine the shelf life of vitamins and supplements. Airtight sealed packaging with a barrier layer can preserve sensitive contents from exposure to air, light and moisture throughout shipping and storage.

Vitamins or supplements may be sealed in pouches that lay flat or stand up and have options for reclosable seals or spouts. All of these options can be designed to be child resistant and tamper evident. Producers can also provide end users with storage solutions that can limit oxidation after a flexible package has been opened. A resealable zipper or cap on a spot can limit air flow and simplify storage. Other types of products may stay freshest when packaged in single-use pouches.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

Vitamins and other consumables must be protected against tampering by third parties. The ability for stockers at a store and consumers to determine whether the seal of a package has been compromised at any stage of the supply chain can draw attention to any risk of adulteration, or the accidental or intentional addition of foreign substances or removal of contents from packaging. While it is not possible to prevent tampering, the condition and integrity of sealed packaging should be evident prior to purchase.

Flexible materials provide affordable, appealing and practical options for protecting products from processing through consumption. Producers of wellness products should also consider the durability of packaging to protect contents during shipping, storage and stocking. Some resealable pouches are intended to preserve the condition of contents until sale with other films are strong enough to provide storage throughout a longer time frame of product use.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Vitamin and supplement producers may be particularly interested in recyclable packaging depending on the ethos of a brand and the priorities of customers. An increasing percentage of consumers are concerned about the sustainability of product packaging. This is particularly pronounced among consumers of vitamins, supplements and other wellness products. Some flexible packaging materials are recyclable or made with post-consumer recycled materials. The right choice of materials can preserve the condition and quality of products and be recycled through curbside programs or at municipal or retail drop-off locations.

Packaging is essential to the safe production and supply of vitamins. Wellness brands should consider the benefits of flexible packaging, which has a smaller carbon footprint in terms of the resources required for shipping than glass or rigid plastic jars. Recyclable materials such as polyethylene can be used to create high-barrier films to preserve product safety.