Evan Dombroski – Reasons To Take Up Photography

I got into photography around 2 years ago after I watched a video of famous New York photographer Evan Dombroski, where he was talking about the reason why everyone should give it a try. I never wanted to be a professional or anything along those lines, but the reality was that I had always hated the types of photographs which I was taking. I decided to buy myself a new camera, to watch a few videos to find out what kind of shots I could take and how, and then I got started on improving my photography game.

Having done this for two years now I completely agree with Evan, that everyone should take up photography, or at least have a try, and here is why.

Capturing Better Memories

We live in an age whereby it is not difficult to take high quality images, even if you are not greatly skilled. This means that when it comes to sharing family moments or capturing those important things that happen in our lives, we can take high resolution shots which provide even better memories than grainy old images. Even if you do not care about taking photos of others, improving your skills so that you can cover your own family is a great way for you to use what you have learned.

Different Perspective

It may sound a touch art-cliche, but the reality is that you do look at the world differently when you begin to take photographs of it. Certain colors look different, natural scenery will excite you more and for me, even the expressions on people’s faces mean more. I went through something of a stage whereby I was taking shots of people, and there is just so man stories which they can tell with their facial expressions. I have to say that this really is something which changes how you view things.

Project of Passion

When you begin to learn the technical side of taking photos, and how you can use filters and the editing process to improve what you have taken, you begin to get very passionate about this. This then lends itself to a real sense of pride, that you have not only selected an image and taken it, but that you have also worked hard on perfecting the image, and producing a great looking end result.

Ever Evolving

Throughout these last two years, and as my skills have improved, I have taken on new subjects and new themes. This evolution of photography is yet another reason to give it a try, because you are able to start branching out and learning even more about the world around you. Some prefer faces, others will look to natural landscapes, some like cityscapes, and some are incredibly adventurous with action shots. I love trying new things and learning the techniques to deliver great shots, which I am not used to taking.

This is a super fun hobby and one which I would recommend to you all.