Find the Perfect Daybed for Your Design

Do you frequently have guests over but don’t have a spare bedroom? Do you have a spare bedroom but haven’t settled on a design idea? If you answered yes to either question, you might be in the market for a daybed. These versatile pieces function as beds and sofas, so you’ll save time searching for two complementary pieces and money with an all-in-one design. 

So what exactly is a daybed? Judging by the name, it sounds like a bed you can spend your entire day in. Not to disappoint some of you, but it’s not designed to sleep in all day long. Instead, it’s meant to provide seating as a sofa during the day and a quick place to take a power nap before continuing with the day’s tasks. At night, this piece transforms into a bed where you can get a peaceful night’s rest. 

They typically have a three-sided design with a back and two arms. The mattress sits on a support system, and you have the option to add a trundle underneath. The trundle is usually used to store another mattress for additional guests, but it can also be used as a storage compartment. 

Most daybeds are twin-sized, but they come in full, queen and king. However, the larger sizes make the daybed too deep for sitting, so the twin-sized bed is the most popular. 

Choosing the right mattress is very important as you won’t just sleep on the daybed, but you’ll sit on it also. You want a mattress that can support both functions well. If you get one that’s too soft, it may be comfortable when lying down, but you’ll find yourself sinking when you try to sit. A medium to firm option works best. Click here if you want to design your bedrooms with daybeds. 

Daybeds are typically made of wood or metal, and both have their advantages. Wooden daybeds work with just about every interior design style and have a modern or contemporary feel. Wood is also used because of its strength and durability. It will stand up to normal wear and tear, and you can find them in a wide array of colors and finishes. A nice lacquer finish will protect the wood from scratches and dents and keep the piece looking new. 

Metal daybeds have a more traditional look and feel. They often have intricate, ornate designs that add a regal touch to the piece. These pieces work well with Victorian-era and other formal designs. 

If you don’t entertain guests but can use the additional storage, there are also daybeds with drawers where the trundle would normally be. They usually have two or three drawers underneath for clothing, books, linens, and any other household items you want to store. 

Some other things to consider are how frequently the daybed will be used. If someone sleeps on it regularly, metal frames offer long-lasting support. If it’s primarily used for sitting, the wooden options are the best choice.