How To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

In this day and age, after the many recent pledges from the likes of world-famous climate change activists such as Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, one thing has been made abundantly clear to us: we need to do more to save our planet.

This ever-growing concern, combined with many of us turning our hands to DIY to spruce up our homes during lockdown, has led us to wonder how we can make our households more environmentally friendly from outside and within.

In this article, we explore the different ways in which you can make your home eco-friendly. So without further delay, let’s dive straight in.

Switch Your Boiler

When you thought about making your home eco-friendly, perhaps you envisioned sleek sustainable materials and hi-tech installations, but the first change you should look into is your boiler. It may not be the most glamourous or exciting, but it’s the best starting point if you want a greener home. If you don’t already have one, switch to a combi boiler. One of the main advantages of combi boilers is that they only heat the water you use, which can cut your energy bills in half! Environmental campaigners are all agreed that condensing boilers are the best technological choice for most people, due to them operating at around 90% efficiency.

Install Double or Triple Glazing

Did you know that windows account for 50% or more of lost energy? Double or triple glazing, special coatings and framing materials can all result in better energy efficiency within your home. Low-E glass has a thin coating of metal oxide on one side of the glass. This coating reflects heat back into the home but still lets in the light from outside, saving you money on your heating bills in the colder months.

Invest in Energy Saving Appliances

It’s our everyday electrical appliances that really eat away at the energy within our homes. Cookers, dryers, kettles, dishwashers, heaters, or air-con units are all main culprits, that we often have to use several times a day. Look into energy-efficient alternatives for this list of appliances to see if you can cut down the volume of energy they are currently consuming within your home.

Recycle Renovation Waste

If you’ve been renovating your home, redoing the kitchen, replacing floorboards, or even just redecorating – don’t be too quick to discard of your waste. Check first to see if you could recycle any of it. Materials such as wooden flooring could be used to upcycle into other items such as a coffee table, desk, photo frames and more. Get creative and see if you can create any bespoke items for your home out of your renovation waste.