4 Exciting New Ways That Drone Tech Is Helping The Environment

Four New Ways That Drones Are Helping With Environmental Conservation 

Drones, or UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, have been a mixed bag over the years when it comes to the general public’s view of them in terms of trust and optimism for the future. Of course, at the end of the day, they are simply a new kind of tool, and when in the right hands, one that can be incredibly helpful.

1. Coastal Monitoring

Much of the most severely impacted areas of ocean lie just off the coasts, where overfishing has wrought devastation on vast tracts of marine life. With ever-dwindling supplies of fish, illegal fishing has become an ever-growing problem and one that coast guards everywhere are swiftly becoming less able to handle.

Drones, however, are proving highly useful in doing what coast guards can’t, i.e. providing a practical and cost-effective method of constant surveillance. Drones can be any sort of automated vehicle, made to fly or to swim, and so a number of specialised “sea-drones” such as the National Geographic’s SoarOcean are being designed and built to help monitor the most vulnerable and hard to reach areas of coastline.

2. Wildfire Prevention & Disaster Management

Wildfires are a very serious issue in various parts of the world, particularly in places like the US and Australia. One of the most common and effective ways to prevent wildfires though is actually with fire. That is, allowing the naturally collecting dead leaves and underbrush to regularly burn in a safe and controlled manner. Keeping up with controlled burns can be a highly demanding and costly endeavour though.

Drones come in handy here by providing a means to safely coordinate, and monitor controlled fires, and well as large disaster events, without risking lives, and in many regards, with greater efficiency. Some might not like the idea of drones that can start fires, but if it can prevent the huge devastation seen in the recent past, it’s something worth looking into.

3. More Sustainable Farming

Farming is, at once, one of the great necessities of today, as well as one of the biggest problems. Huge amounts of resources go into farming, with large scale farmers ever-expanding their operations to feed growing populations, as well as to make a profit.

Drones, or farming UAVs, as they’re called, are being designed to help farmers cut down on pollutants, by essentially doing the job far more efficiently. This will reduce the harmful biproducts of large-scale farming by a sizable degree, and in turn, help reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

4. Better Transport & Delivery

Ideas such as Amazon’s well-known plans to utilise delivery drones are fast becoming as real and rewarding as Black Lotus Casino no deposit codes.

A huge amount of pollution and road traffic is generated by trucks and delivery vehicles, all over the world, and on a daily basis. The idea is to one day completely retire the old bulky, slow, polluters for good, in favour of fast, efficient, and clean, methods of drone transportation.

Likewise, with, automated drone passenger vehicles, much of the vehicle traffic on the ground might one day be reduced, and further reduce the pollution generated by gas-powered vehicles.