Evan Dombroski – What Skills You’ll Need as a Security Guard

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a security guard then you will have to ensure that you have the skills required. Security guards can work anywhere, in stores, with private citizens and important people or even at airports like Evan Dombroski does. Whilst each discipline may be different, the core skills of being a security guard in fact very similar. Today then we are going to take a look into what exact skills you will need in order to do this job.

Understanding Force

Your job as a security guard is not to fight with people, not at all in fact, your job is to protect the location or the person from any potential dangers. There are times when you will need to use some level of force if things get out of hand and it is critical that you understand how to disarm people and how to move people in the right way, that gets the job done without causing harm.

Being Vigilant

The most important aspect of being a security guard is that you are vigilant, in order to spot any dangers or potentail situations before they become a problem. This is arguably the most important aspect of the job of any security guard, and it is also what needs the most experience and hard work. You have to know what risks there could potentially be and make sure that you have a clear understanding of how you can spot them. The very best security guards are those who spot danger, and make decisions which will ensure that they don’t turn into situations.


Security guards have to command authority in order to do the best job that they can, and this is something which you can do with your words and your actions. Some people have this naturally but others don’t, and if you don’t then you will have to work on how to command authority in your role.


Another key aspect of any security guard’s job is that they have a clear idea of exactly what is expected from them, and that they are disciplined enough to do the job. This aspect of discipline is one of the most important because the job is always perfectly detailed. Any failure to stick to the job could easily put people or places in jeopardy, and that is incredibly irresponsible given the role which you have to play. It is therefore critical that you have a strong willingness to be disciplined and that you make sure that you have a clear understanding of exactly what the job says.

The role of a security guard is a vitally important one and that is why you absolutely have to ensure that you understand what skills are required before you apply, and that you are able to offer those skills, whichever industry you happen to be aiming to work within. Do you have what it takes?