5 ways to make your house a family home

The experience of raising young is a nurturing experience and some say the best experience that a person can have. As you grow as a family, you’ll want to turn your house into a home and here are five ways that you can do exactly that.

Display your memories

A person’s home should help tell the story of their lives. Display your favourite photographs of you and your partner, your children, other family and friends and adorn the walls with souvenirs from special trips of journeys home and abroad. Another great tip is to show off any and all of the artwork of your children. Doing so promotes feelings of inclusion, pride, and acceptance, and though they may grow to hate it, whatever that creation may be it will one day be priceless to you!

Open space

As your family grows, so does the necessity for space. The best way to increase space and the value of space is to create open, inviting areas between as well as in the rooms. Open plan homes are unbelievably ideal for growing families, as it helps each member to connect to one another, increases parent’s ability to supervise and communicate with children, and importantly allows a growing child to feel inclusion in the family context and their home surroundings. Freeing up space also means more room for activities!

A way to the outside

Even the most introverted and reclusive of humans love the outdoors. Every person deserves a home of their own, but the adventure, mystery and wonder of the outside are something imprinted into the very fabric as human beings. Connecting the inside to the out, whether it be a humble yard, a simple garden, or full on decking complete with double patio doors, can unlock so much potential in your home and improve the lifestyle of its inhabitants in many ways. Kids and adults alike will cherish being able to easily zone from in to out, and connecting correctly to the outdoors promotes an active lifestyle, indulges the senses, and respect for nature.

Looking at lighting

Light changes everything in the space of a home. Invest in lamps; the affecting difference of atmosphere from an overpowering overhead light to a tasteful spread of lamps is incredible. There are so many choices when it comes to lighting, and experimentation can really introduce you to new, unimagined possibilities in really accentuating the best parts of what makes your house a home.


As your family grows, space can get tight. As we’ve discussed, opening up cumbersome spaces can be a positive step, and looking at achieving more inventive uses from even the most mundane items is something that can be incredibly rewarding in more ways than one. With more people come more possessions, and storage can be an issue for growing families. Shelves can fit into unexpected places, and utilising wall space for shelving works wonders. A coffee table that has interior storage is one the most simple and effective ways of really bringing the most out of your home for the family to enjoy.