Dayanna Volitich – Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

There are far less people in the world that smoke than ever before thanks to the swathe of information which we now have about this habit. Smoking related diseases kill a great number of people each year and this, plus the fact that many public areas refuse to allow people to smoke, has encouraged many people to quit the habit for good. With this being said giving up the habit is far easier said than done, and I am speaking from experience. When I first quit smoking I was very lucky to have my friend Dayanna Volitich on hand, who offered me these great tips to help me quit for good.

Hands and Mouth

When you are giving up smoking it is more than just nicotine which you will be giving up, you are also giving up the habit of smoking, which can leave your hands and mouth with nothing to do. In order to counteract this you should think about eating things such as celery and raw peppers, or even a handful of nuts. Snacking like this will ensure that you have something to do with your hands and mouth, whilst not putting on the pounds through snacking on things like potato chips.

Tracking Your Progress

There are many phone apps on the market which you can use to help you track your progress as you quit smoking, and they can also help you to stay focussed. Most of the apps will accumulate how much money you have saved since you quit, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, as well as giving you an indication of how much your health has improved since you have quit.

Saving the Money

One of the best tips which I used was to save up the money that I usually would have spent on cigarettes. In my case I was spending $20 per week on cigarettes so when I quit I put that money into a jar. If you don’t do this then you will struggle to actually see the financial benefits of giving up smoking. I set myself a target that at the 6 month mark I would spend my savings on something for myself and I ended up saving enough money to pay for a holiday! You will make huge financial savings when you quit, just be sure to do something so that you can see it.


Finally, make sure that you are telling your friends and your family about the fact that you are quitting smoking, as this will actually act as a deterrent. Nobody wants to show people that they have failed so having friends and family around you will mean that you won’t feel like lighting up, and showing that you couldn’t hack it. Friends and family will also help to support you as you quit, which can prove to be very valuable indeed.

Good luck with your quitting, stay focussed and you’ll be smoke free in no time!