Buck Reed Reveals Some of the Psychology of Sales

The psychology of sales is an innovative concept that suggests the way the mind works is closely related to how someone can convince someone to buy, and how someone will make a decision to buy. This is something that Buck Reed has studied most of his life. As a teenager, he started a one man lawn mowing operation, which quickly grow in a huge landscape gardening company. He then moved on to becoming a salesman, taking part in many self development classes. Today comma he is a family man and self made millionaire who strongly believes in giving back to the community. This is why he now trains others on the psychology of sales and he has revealed a number of key elements of this that are of benefit to any salesperson.

Buck Reed’s Main Psychology of Sales Elements

  1. Sales people have a tendency to try and sit themselves up. What they should be doing instead is ask themselves questions. While motivational speeches are effective, with people certainly feeling better if they stand in front of a mirror and repeat and I can do it mantra, interrogative self-talk, in which you stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself how you can do it, is actually far more effective.
  2. Having a poker face is only useful if you were playing poker. If you want to make a sale, you need to show positive emotions. Research has shown that this makes you more creative and intuitive and it ensures you actually believe in what you sell, which is something your customer will be able to notice.
  3. Rejection is not the end of the world. It is a temporary state of mind and it is most certainly not a personal attack. Everybody has to be able to manage setbacks and failures, and it is how they define this that will determine how successful they will be overall. Again, this goes down to being optimistic and positive. If a salesperson continuously believes that every rejection is a reflection on them being at fault, they are more likely to quit. This has been demonstrated again and again in various sales studies.
  4. While people like to make a choice and feel as if they are in control, they will be overwhelmed by too many choices. This can be difficult to manage because most salespeople have an array of products that they have an offer and they cannot  reduced their overall offerings because this will lead to fewer profits. What they can do, however, is categorize those offerings, thereby instantly reducing the number of available choices.  50 products can become five categories of just 10 products each. It is far easier to make a choice then.
  5. Sales people also have to sell themselves. They make the mistake however, of always talking about their accomplishments when they sell themselves. This makes them come across as a bit of a show-off. What they should do instead therefore, is talk about the potential they still have. This makes them more likeable and trustworthy.