Top Tips to Make Some Extra Money Using the Internet

Regardless of what job you do or what salary you are on, we could all do with some extra cash now and again. The options in from of you to do so are pretty slim, you could ask your boss for a raise, if you dare, you could take on a second job but it is more than likely that you simply don’t have time, the solution is simple, sit at home, turn on your laptop and utilize the power of the internet to bag yourself some extra cash and here is how.


Become a YouTuber

Contrary to what many think, you can use YouTube for more than just watching videos of a snake attacking a crocodile, it is a good use of your time no doubt, but you could also sue it to make extra money as a vlogger. In order to be successful you need to gain a strong audience who will like and share your videos, with enough views you can start to make money from advertising costs. You need to be engaging and likable to become popular and if you want to see exactly how it is done then you should check out one of pastor TB Joshua’s sermons on his Emmanuel TV channel.

Joshua speaks on a weekly basis to his congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), he inspires those present with the words of the gospel, he does live exorcisms, and passionately preaches the holy scriptures and encourages people to improve their lives through God. Such is the power of his prophecies and his teachings, Joshua has helped Emmanuel TV to amass 400,000 subscribers and over 170 million views. That is the bar that you need to reach to become a YouTube sensation.

Freelance Work

With some many companies having an online presence, many of them too have started to look online for all range of tasks to be completed and instead of hiring full time employees, they are looking for freelancers to do the jobs for them. This opens up a he window of opportunity for you to do extra jobs in your own time. There are lots of different jobs available and not all of them require high level technical knowledge. If you head to a website like Upwork for example, a site that can connect you with hundreds of potential employers, you will find jobs like content writers, graphic designers, email handlers, virtual assistant, translators and we design to name just a few. You just need to sign up and get searching for your next project.


Blogging about your passion or interests can be done either as a bit of a hobby and a creative outlet or alternatively you could use it to earn yourself a little bit of extra cash. If you can create consistent and quality content on a regular basis and attract people to your site then you can start utilizing your site for advertising space and making yourself some extra money.