Bryn Carden Reveals 7 Ways to Engage in Self Care and Nurture Yourself


Life inevitably forces humans to face unexpected twists and turns that spark times of strain and stress as frequently as easy days come to fruition. To find balance no matter the season, practicing self-care and indulging in nurturing ways is critical and a must to keep mental and physical health in check. Previously taking the crown for Miss Kemah Teen USA, Bryn Carden promotes health and wellness as part of her many passions and stands firmly beside the benefits of self-nourishing. Carden offers these avenues as excellent choices to treat and boost self-care year-round: 


Way #1. Write Down Personal Needs

In order to tend to your innermost needs, you must first identify and acknowledge them. Sometimes this process involves reverting to a child-like stage and recognizing what needs you might have that were not met during your childhood years, such as the need for unconditional love, fun, self-forgiveness, acceptance, or independence. As an adult, you now have the power to meet those needs and can commit to fulfilling them. If it’s love you need, write that down and commit to loving yourself. 


Way #2. Engage in Deep Breathing or Meditation Exercises 

Partaking in deep breathing exercises or meditation is an excellent way to decrease any unwanted or overwhelming feelings of stress. Deep breathing techniques aid in slowing the heart rate and body down from the sped-up feelings of anxiety that stress can trigger. Meditation is a beautiful tool for learning mindfulness and clear thinking regardless of what is happening around you. 


Way #3. Learn to Love an Exercise

Exercising is a proven way to lower stress levels and blow off some steam. The Mayo Clinic suggests managing stress by getting your body moving. Physical activity boosts endorphins that produce good feelings and is the perfect outlet to break from the daily weight. Exercising also boosts mood and reverses the negative impacts of stress. Explore the right self-care approach for you by trying out several workout routines such as yoga, running, Pilates, spin, and more to find something you can look forward to doing. 


Way #4. Eat Healthy Meals
Studies show that what we put into our bodies impacts how we feel. For example, eating a Mediterranean diet full of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and seeds is shown to not only improve your mood and brain function but also help with symptoms of mild depression or anxiety. So opt-in for home-cooked healthy meals and drink plenty of water to feel nourished!


Way #5. Create a Peaceful Personal Space

Creating a space in your home that instills peace the moment you walk into it is another proven way to step away from reality and relax. Whether you fill your space with fluffy pillows, access to soothing music or a record player, or a clean room to draw or paint, make sure your peaceful personal area is unique to what makes you breathe out, “Ahh.”


Way #6. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Writing in a gratitude journal guides the mind to focus on things that you are thankful for, which is proven to help you find optimism even in the toughest of times. 


Way #7. Find a Calming Evening Routine Before Bed

Winding down at the end of the day helps put the mind at ease, rather than worries of the day causing a battle between a restless mind and a good night’s sleep. Finding a calming evening routine can provoke relaxation and, depending on the individual, can range from a long stretch to a bath before bed. A warm bath before bed with added essential oils like lavender can get the brain and body ready for a cozy sleep.


About Bryn Carden

Bryn Carden is a versatile young entrepreneur with a deep sense of compassion and the desire to help make the world a better place. In 2017, she founded Styles for Smiles – a company selling bracelets to support the Smile Train Organization. The proceeds from selling Bryn’s designs have already helped fund cleft palate repairs for 16 children in developing countries. BF Hats, another design brand Bryn is engaged in, donates a portion from every purchase to Ronald McDonald House of Dallas – combining Bryn’s passion for style and philanthropy.