The Biggest and Best Marketing Myths of the Decade

Some businesses do it very well, others struggle immensely – it’s just how the marketing world spins around.


However, something that everyone who has tasted the industry knows is that there are more misconceptions that you could ever possibly count when it comes to marketing.

If you’re looking for a foothold in the subject, to gain a greater understanding for your business, it’s time to tune in. While it can be very beneficial to read suggestions from entrepreneurs like George Bardwil, who have managed to take businesses across the country with a solid marketing plan, it can also be useful to take a look at the common myths to make sure you don’t fall into the infamous traps.

Myth #1 – Some marketing is better than none at all

For a new business, this is a very dangerous myth to follow.

Like it or not, marketing can be pricy. It means that if you choose the wrong strategy, you’ll immediately be throwing money down the drain without any sign of any income.

Each and every marketing campaign needs to have a decent ROI as in short, it’s just too expensive not to.

Myth #2 – Marketing has to be beautiful

This is another myth which can prove to be costly for the young business. It’s very easy to fall into the trap that every marketing campaign you produce has to have that polished appearance.

Unfortunately, such a style is generally expensive and on quite a lot of occasions, no-more effective than a campaign which wasn’t pulled together by the best graphic designers in the business.

Sure, a campaign needs to be creative – every marketer will agree with that. This doesn’t necessarily have to be based on style though; the creative element can be put together in the content, or the text that is actually selling the product. You don’t always need those glossy, expensive brochures.

Myth #3 – Advertising and marketing are the same

Anyone involved in either field will cringe at this. In fact, if we bring in the case of Bardwil Industries again – if they had gone by this principle there’s a very good chance that they wouldn’t have experienced the national success they have become renowned for.

The difference between advertising and marketing is substantial. On one hand there is advertising which involves buying space to directly sell a product. Marketing on the other hand is more indirect and involves preparing your products for the market place. This can be by resonating with your target audience and tailoring your product to their needs.

Myth #4 – Those that win awards are the best marketers

If you’re a small team, it can be tempting to simply outsource your marketing to an external agency. This is perfectly acceptable, but make sure you don’t choose this agency based on any awards they may flash in front of you.

Instead, base it on hard numbers. You won’t always know the judging criteria for awards and by finding a company who knows how to increase your sales with campaigns, you are much more likely to experience marketing success.