How to Prepare for a Return to the Workplace

During the past year, people across the UK had to work from home due to Covid-19. Companies and their teams had to quickly adapt to an entirely new style of working. Whereas now, with restrictions slowly but surely being lifted, people may have to re-adjust to office life. How can you prepare for returning to the workplace? 

Organise Your Commute

You will once again have to consider your commute. Familiarise yourself with your public transport schedule and see if the timings have changed. Perhaps you might not feel comfortable taking public transport, then you’ll have to plan alternatives. If you’re driving to work, make sure your car is ready to use again. If you realise it needs maintenance, a long-term loan could help fund urgent car repairs. However you travel to work, give yourself extra time to get there so you won’t worry about being late the first day back. 

Mental Health

The past 12 months have impacted everyone differently. After a year of not getting out much, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re feeling apprehensive about returning to work. Don’t put pressure on yourself to immediately feel ‘normal’ once you’re back in the office. Give yourself time to adjust and take things one step at a time


If you do have any concerns about going back to the workplace, be sure to communicate them with your employer. You could ask them to explain the initial process of reopening the office and how it will work. Or you could check on how they’re going to make the workplace safe going forward. Whatever worries you’re having, however small or large, be sure to express them. Your employer won’t be able to offer reassurance if you don’t tell them what’s wrong. 

Prepare for Change

It’s likely your workplace is going to look different when you go back. Social distancing measures could still be at force. Desks could be further apart or there will be screens and hand sanitizing stations. Whatever changes are in place, they’re happening to keep you and the team safe. Your office might look or feel different so mentally prepare yourself for this before your return. 

Getting Ready 

There are also ways you can physically prepare. This will depend on how you’ve been working from home. Maybe you need to adjust your body clock to start getting up earlier to commute. Or perhaps you haven’t worn office wear in so long, you need to see which of your outfits you feel comfortable in. Small actions can make a big difference with your mindset. 

Your return to work – whenever it happens – is bound to feel strange and that’s perfectly normal. Give yourself time to adjust and communicate with your team during the process. How do you feel about returning to work?