Three Things That Tell You Your Work Life Balance Is Out of Balance

There are a number of things that are indicative of having a poor work life balance. For Charles Phillips, Infor CEO,’s wife Karen, these things were all evident in her husband. She decided that he was ready for a change, and she became more involved in his work, while also showing him the importance of family time. She got through to him, and Phillips is now a role model for not just his staff, but also other CEOs and executives the world over. He spends time with his family, talks about his family, and expects the same of his staff. So what are some of the signs that Karen noticed and that made her force her husband to change, and to take more of an active role in things he finds enjoyable, such as their joined philanthropic organization, Phillips Charitable Organizations? Let’s take a look.

business men phonecall
business men phonecall
  1. Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Phantom vibration syndrome was unheard of just a few years ago. Today, however, it is a recognized thing. In fact, it is one of the biggest things to look for if you feel that you are married to the job, and that this is affecting your negatively. Basically, it means that you will feel your phone buzz, even when you don’t have it on you. Sometimes, it feels so real that you end up searching through your phone because you’re sure you missed a call, text message, WhatsApp, Tweet, or Facebook notification! This encounter is known as a ‘tele normal’ one, and most of us have experienced it at least once in our lives. But for overworked CEOs, it becomes an almost constant occurrence, and it can be devastating.

  1. Refusing to Sleep

Everybody needs sleep, preferably eight hours. Research upon research has demonstrated that people who sleep more are happier and healthier, and therefore also productive. But for overly busy executives, sleep is time that they feel could be better spent doing “important” things relating to work. Very often, CEOs survive on just four or five hours of sleep per night. You can keep this up for a short time, but not too long, unfortunately, and it will go to the detriment of your health, wellbeing and productivity.

  1. Emailing During Personal Time

As the world is changing, more and more executives are starting to schedule in ‘personal time’. That way, it looks to themselves, their family, and their staff as if they are committed to taking time out and spending it with the family. In reality, however, the vast majority ends up checking their email constantly, even in the company of their family. As such, they don’t really have any personal time, they simply use it to catch up on administration and things they didn’t get to in the office.

If you recognize these three signs, do what Karen Phillips made her husband Charles do: recognize that things are getting too much, and make a real change for the better.