Best Cars For Specific Personalities

Automakers have inundated the market with countless vehicles offered in various body styles, colors, and sizes. This is because there are so many different personalities and lifestyles out there, constituting different appeals, needs, and wants. While the driving enthusiast could prefer something like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, businessmen or women would appreciate something like a Mercedes-Benz sedan. A young adult entering the working world would benefit from a frugal and compact crossover like the Kia Seltos, while the family man or woman would do well to get something commodious and practical like the Chevrolet Traverse. Whatever the case, the car one chooses to buy says a lot about their personality, too, as it can act as an extension of one’s self. Here are some suggestions about what particular cars say about the people that drive them:


For the lovers of cars, adventure seekers, and adrenaline junkies alike, sportscars are purposed for fun and capable performance that usually comes at a significant financial cost. Research shows that it’s a younger demographic that want to have a cool-looking and capable sportscar to their name. These passionate individuals may have additional cash to spend, or have the drive to get their hands on sufficient capital to buy their new toys. This is apt, considering these are the people that enjoy living in the fast lane and are willing to take a lot more risks than the average person. They’re energetic and full of personality, at least when it comes to cars. 

Luxury Cars

Branded luxury cars are for those who are concerned with their status or social standing in society and want to make it known that they’re well off. It’s typically men and older or retired individuals that are more likely to drive premium cars, according to recent statistics. These people also tend to drive long distances on a regular basis so the comfort/luxury factor plays a big role in the decision process, too. In psychographic terms, it’s usually profit-oriented, higher-income people that strive for independence, that seek out luxury cruisers. They’re also referred to as ‘achievers’.

Pickup Trucks

The most popular type of vehicle in the USA, the pickup truck is for the individual that needs a vehicle that can do just about anything as long as it’s on the ground. They are typically offered with various powertrain, cabin, and cargo bed configurations. A high-horsepower engine coupled with a sturdy all-wheel or four-wheel drivetrain makes trucks ideal utility workhorses, and in the case of the latter, highly capable off-roaders, too. It’s usually rural-based people, outdoorsy people, and ‘workaholics’ that opt for a pickup truck as their overall capability, cargo space, and ability to tow is what appeals to them. 


When it comes to a utility vehicle that’s superior at hauling about people and their luggage, there’s arguably no better car than the minivan. Most minivans are actually relatively large in size and are offered with highly adjustable seats all focused around passenger comfort and cargo storing versatility. Large side sliding doors also lend to the ease of access of passengers and a handy rear liftgate makes loading and offloading easier. It is usually a family man or woman that will consider a minivan, or just somebody that is very extroverted and enjoys going to many events and parties with all their friends. 

Small Cars

A compact car is ideal for the urbanite or young adult on a budget as they’re usually sold at relatively low MSRPs and their small dimensions make it effortless to commute around tight city streets and to park in almost any parking bay. Though a low-hp engine can have some feel a little underpowered, most models deliver peppy acceleration and somewhat enjoyable handling dynamics along with really frugal gas mileage figures. The people that drive these cars want to let people know that they are working but also enjoy having fun with a few friends every now and again. They have typically finished their studies and are pursuing their career goals. 

It’s obvious that your car says a lot about what stage of life you may be in and your financial status, but it’s what brand, style, and customizations you choose that will exhibit more of who you actually are. There are countless brands, types, and personalization options out there for cars that can make it difficult to actually make a decision. So when you’re out to purchase your first car or are just looking to get a new one, keep in mind what impression you’re going to be putting out there if you really care about that sort of thing.