Responsible Pet Care: Why Never Leave Your Dog In A Car

Every year, many dogs and puppies die in cars, due to the fault of their ignorant owners. Dogs are hardy animals and can endure many things, but warmth cannot be one of them. Leaving your best friend in a closed car is cruel and sometimes even fatal, even if it’s 10 minutes.

Do you know that a closed car heats up really quickly? 

Even on a cool day with a temperature of about 22°C, one hour in the sun is enough for the temperature in the car to rise to 47°C! 

On a warm day (27°C), 10 minutes is enough for the temperature in the car to rise to 37°C. At an outside air temperature of +32°C ten minutes is enough for the thermometer in the cabin to show + 49 °C.

Many owners leave the engine and air conditioning on. But they don’t know that most modern cars, left with the engine and the air conditioner running, often turn off on their own. This usually happens after 20-30 minutes of the car standing in one place. 

Except for Tesla, which has The «Dog Mode». You can try this mode if you’re in one of the most popular emirates and rent Tesla Dubai. Firstly, thanks to the rental services that are very popular and in demand, you will get an unforgettable Tesla driving experience. 

Secondly, all this is for a small fee that rental companies charge because suppliers offer the best financial conditions for a rented car without pitfalls. And thirdly, even the newest models are presented there, in which there is a Dog Mode function.

What is its sense? It allows you to leave your pet safely in the car for a while. This mode maintains the temperature in the car comfortable for the pet. The Dog Mode is only deactivated when the driver starts the car and moves. At the moment, this is the only possible way to leave the dog in the car for a while.

By the way, passers-by can also be calm, because they will see the heading: “My driver will be back soon” and the current temperature inside the cabin will also be visible.

Dogs can’t handle the heat!

Dogs have a harder time cooling off (their heat exchange occurs exclusively through the tongue), and if their body temperature reaches, they are at risk of heatstroke. At 44 degrees, blood circulation is disturbed and leads to blood clotting in the vessels and to kidney failure. In a hot environment, a dog can reach this body temperature in just 6 minutes.

The window cracked open does not save the situation!

Now we want to tell you why you should never leave your pets in the car even for 5 minutes: 

You can be sure that you will just go for some coffee for 1-2 minutes, as you do every day. But this time, something might happen, like you meet a childhood friend and hang out with him for 20 minutes, and in the meantime, the dog is left in the car.

Unfortunately, unplanned «delays» leading to the death of animals occur regularly.

Final thoughts 

Don’t pass by, if you see an animal in a locked car, you might be the person who helps. And tell everyone you know about what you read in this article. It will be useful for the owners and for their pets. 

There is only one way to prevent animals from dying in hot and cold cars. They must be taken with you every time the last adult (driver/passenger) leaves the vehicle. Even if you are 100% sure that it will take you less than a minute to buy coffee in the grocery take your dogs/cats with you. Remember the above situation with a childhood friend.