Bespoke Business Benefits: Virtual Offices and Why They’re Worthwhile

Imagine operating an international business from the comfort of your home. You set your own working hours, your lunches can last as long as you want and you can enjoy time with your family without having to take the full day off from work. Within the working day, you get more accomplished on the clock than you would in a traditional office setting. Being in control of your day in this way, allows you to be happier and more productive in your working day.

A virtual office can offer those who use these plans the freedom to work in their own familiar environment. In fact, this office type has revolutionised the way in which Americans do business. Virtual offices are gaining in popularity as many of the leasing options allow renters to create tailor-made offices that meet their needs, among other benefits that can help your business be more successful.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a virtual office and how this alternative office solution can benefit your business.

Flexible Terms

A virtual office can be a great solution for startups and for the self-employed because the deposit and lease length tend to be much more flexible. Conventional leases ask the tenant to commit to at least one year, and for better rates, most leasing companies want the renter to commit to a five-to-seven year contract. The most flexible virtual office plans require tenants to commit on a month-to-month basis. For flexible leasing rates with one of the more premium provider, check out the following link:


Virtual office leasing saves business owners a lot on monthly overheads. In typical leasing plans for virtual office space, the renter leases the use of the facilities and the amenities, which saves a lot of money in overheads over the life of the lease. Because a virtual office allows you to customise your office solution, you literally get what you pay for, as opposed to a conventional office lease where you pay for space and amenities even if you don’t use everything on offer.

Freedom to Move and Grow

Businesses that usually benefit from a virtual office are startups or those run by the self-employed. For many business types, these leasing options are great because the leases are flexible enough that they can be modified if business owners decide they need to expand or relocate. In comparison, conventional leases require renters to wait until the end of the lease or pay a penalty for breaking the lease.

For example, let’s say you open a business in Miami, and for a couple of years, this office plan works. However, five years later, your client base grows significantly, and you find the virtual office plan no longer works for your business. Many premium providers of office solutions will allow you to move into a serviced office or an executive suite if needed.

These leases are also transferable. Let’s say this same company in Miami relocates to another part of the country. The lease would transfer, ultimately saving the business owner time, money and all the headaches that come with sourcing a new office space.

Workforce Flexibility

Because a virtual office is one that is created with the business’s needs in mind, business owners can hire employees from a larger candidate pool. With a virtual office, hiring managers can easily set up a meeting in any part of the country, or even on a global scale. American business interests can arrange interviews anywhere on the globe without the hassle of travelling, as video conferencing and other internet capabilities allow for managers to interview prospective clients all from an office in their own city.

Essentially, a virtual office allows for business owners to customise their staffing needs by making it possible for them to hire from the global community.

Customised Office Solutions

Going virtual has revolutionised the American business landscape. A virtual office is one that can be modified or exchanged for a plan that better suits the business’s need as it expands or relocates.

Whether you need a professional address to project the right image of your company or the flexibility to do business on a global level, a virtual office is the best, most affordable solution in office solutions to take your business to new heights.