Apps and Their Influence on the World of Entertainment

Apps and Their Influence on the World of Entertainment: how much has the game changed?
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One thing the world has always loved is entertainment. But the world of entertainment has changed dramatically, particularly with the advent of the internet and of smartphones. Today, professional entertainment industry programs are incorporating apps and development into their curriculum. And this is for good reason. Entertainment is a business, businesses have to make money, and to make money, you have to market your products. So how does all this work?

Musicians and Artists

More and more musicians and artists are able to break through by using apps on smartphones. Few budding musicians have the money to record their own album, and even fewer have a chance to get signed with a label. With smartphone apps, however, they can make and share recordings of themselves with ease. Furthermore, it allows them to get up close and personal with their listeners, keeping them up to date with upcoming gigs, for instance.

Interactive TV

The TV industry is a huge element of the entertainment industry, and they have also strongly incorporated smartphone app technology. For instance, shows such as the XFactor now allow people to vote for their favorite acts through apps. This is a really good thing, because it allows people to feel more connected to the artists they support. Furthermore, once the XFactor is over and a winner has been announced, people are more likely to stay up to date with them, as they feel like they have invested in it. As such, the artists are more likely to become successful as well.

The Future of Mobile Apps and the Entertainment Industry

The reason why mobile apps are becoming so useful in the entertainment industry, and why music degrees are placing a focus on them, is because they are linked to so many different platforms. It is now easier than ever for an app to be created that allows fans to appreciate their favorite acts more, and at the same time make them more famous. But can these apps really help people reach the top?

What we are seeing is that the entertainment industry is becoming very clever at using mobile development to its advantage. Independent artists can create huge fan bases, managers can generate more ticket sales, and more. Whether someone is a complete novice artist, or whether someone is dealing with the world’s most popular television show, mobile apps are now included. And, as with many other things, consumers now expect this. They have grown accustomed to be able to interact directly with companies, service developers, individuals, and more.

So what is the future of mobile apps and the entertainment industry? Nobody knows what the future will bring, but there are suggestions. For instance, being able to live stream concerts or sporting events is likely to start very soon, with some having already started it. There are crowdfunding apps, streaming apps, downloading apps, purchasing apps, and more. Apps and their influence on the world of entertainment has turned out to be an intersection of monumental proportions in recent years. We shouldn’t be terribly surprised though; as Dylan said, the “times they are ‘a changing” – then as now, this axiom is still true.