Addicted to painkillers? There is a way out…

Addicted to painkillers? There is a way out...
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You were cleaning the gutters one day when a sudden loss of balance sent you tumbling off your ladder to the ground. The pavement did a poor job of breaking your fall, breaking several of the vertebrae in your back.

The pain was excruciating … until you got to the hospital, that is. The attending doctor in the emergency ward ordered the nurses to hook you up with a morphine IV. Within seconds, your living hell dissolved into a cloud of euphoria.

This respite from the worst pain you ever felt, despite being necessary to continue with your treatment, was your first dance with opiates, one that would soon dominate your life.

Your world has spiraled out of control

The weeks began to blur together until finally, you were released from the hospital. Sent home with orders to take it easy until your slow-to-heal back began to respond to physiotherapy, you had nothing else to do but watch TV, and take oxy pills that your physician wrote a prescription for to control the pain that would otherwise make everyday living too trying to imagine.

As the months pass, your health slowly improves, until one day, you are functional enough to return to your job. Despite the fact that your pain has now subsided to manageable levels even when you stopping taking your medication, you suddenly find yourself being racked by mental and physical cravings for the pills that you objectively no longer need.

Soon, you go to extraordinary lengths to get your Oxycontin fix. Faking an injury at the emergency ward two towns over, venturing onto the dark web in search of a dealer, and outright stealing has become commonplace behaviors in your daily life. What in the world is happening to you?

How can you get off the pills

In some people, chemical dependency on opiate painkilling drugs is a serious issue. It’s important to note that if you find yourself hooked on pills, it’s not your fault, as a scenario described as above happens to people like you every year.

Many don’t realize they have a tendency to get addicted to painkillers until they find themselves in the clutches of this misunderstood disease of the body and mind. This is where facilities like Balboa Horizons enter the picture, as these rehab facilities are staffed with industry experts on the science of addiction.

With a time-tested approach to detoxification and counseling that aims to prevent a clean client from relapsing after leaving the facility, those that check into Balboa will have the support they need to begin the process of reclaiming their life again.

Time is of the essence

Those that continue to rationalize their addiction run the risk of running afoul of the law, exposing themselves to intravenously-transmitted diseases like HIV or Hepatitis, or falling into the steel jaws of more dangerous drugs such as heroin.

If you want to save yourself, or if you fear losing a loved one to this gradually worsening condition, you need to act now. Don’t wait.