8 wedding flower trends in 2021-2022

Floral wedding decor is one of the main points of the ceremony. Decorating a wedding with flowers can heighten positive emotions and make this day truly the most memorable one. The main wedding flower trends 2021 will make the wedding colorful and unique.

#1 Personalized wedding style

In 2021, individual-style weddings will be more popular than ever. Flower decor created especially for your couple is the trend. However, there are no strict rules or taboos. The wedding mixed bouquets must first of all correspond to the bride’s dreams. And, in the spirit of quarantine, most of the 2021 weddings will be hold in small company. So it is more real to achieve the maximum quality and realize an individual bride’s and groom’s dreams of this important event.

#2 Unusual and expressive floral installations

You’ll meet unusual, even creative, design of all installations: marriage registration arches, tablescapes, etc. Flower arches resemble art installations and help to create ‘a fairy garden’ atmosphere. They are often asymmetric or even not solid in the full sense of the word, when the two parts of the arch seem to stretch one towards another. Grounded flower installations are used more often than the hanging ones.

#3 A combination of incompatible flowers and accessories

Wedding flower trends 2021 are really astonishing this year. The installations accept the concurrent use of live and dry flowers, a combination of bright lash flowers with dry grass, stone, glass and similar materials. In the table decoration, flowers are installed in rich combination with candles, fabrics, and even books.

#4 Bridal bouquet: elegant simplicity

The bridal bouquet can also stand out by its originality, pithiness and elegance. It assumes the rejection of greenery, and there are two main options for the bouquet style. 1 – it should be small and very sophisticated. 2 – a composition of tiny flowers is built around one bright expressive one. The use of spray-painted flowers is one more unusual nuance.

#5 Monochrome and texture blending

A few years ago, it was customary to use one or two primary colors and mix them in decor, clothes, and floristry. However, the most fashionable solution for 2021 is monochrome decor. Mono-bouquets can be of a classic or unusual shape. At the same time, the richness of the bouquet is enhanced by shades of the selected color and mixing textures. For example, white orchids with bright ribbons. Or a rose surrounded by wildflowers.

#6 Nature-inspired shades and watercolors

The trendiest wedding bouquets in 2021 should be done in a watercolor palette. They will be the personification of not only tenderness, but also naturalness, harmony. Natural shades are very relevant: green, brown, yellow, etc. By the way, bridal bouquet in green and white tones would be the most successful combination.

#7 Naturalness and environmental friendliness of materials

Leveraging of the materials that will not damage the environment is in trend. No artificial flowers. No balloons, foil confetti, fireworks. Naturalness is also evident in the selection of in-season flowers specific to your region. It is not in trend to ‘order’ flowers from Thailand, it is better to support a local supplier.

#8 Deep symbolization

Due to the quarantines, many couples waited quite long for ‘Their’ day. Therefore, the trend is not only to choose wedding flowers, but also to realize and enhance their symbolic meaning. Choose flowers that mean something to your couple – at least using the original language of flowers.

Finally, fashion indicates the main wedding flower trends 2021, but its first of all your wish and decision about the style and every detail of your wedding!