4 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Custom Apparel for Your Next Fundraiser

You are charged with the task of coming up with raising funds for a local non-profit organization. With all the different options, which one would work best? One method that is sure to attract attention is investing in custom apparel with the name of the organization on the front or back. Here are some of the reasons why this approach works so well.

People Love Custom Tees and Hoodies

Raising funds does require offering something that people can use. Just about everyone can find a way to use one more tee shirt or likes the idea of having a hoodie to slip on when the weather is a little chilly. Unlike some other items that are offered in return for donations, apparel is something that does not end up in the back of the closet or in a drawer. When people buy custom t-shirts it’s usually with the intention to wear them when the mood strikes.

Free Advertising

Another point in favor of investing in tees and hoodies for your fundraiser is that you receive free publicity. The first wave of people who donate and receive one of these items will usually wear them when they go shopping, decide to go for a walk or a run in the morning, or while they are out with friends. That means more people see the non-profit’s name, logo, and whatever else you’ve had printed on the garment. At least some of them will make a mental note to make a donation and get their own shirt.

Something Different For Each Tier of Giving

Choosing to order custom apparel of more than one type allows you to offer something different for each tier of giving. People who donate up to a certain amount will receive tee shirts. Those who offer over that amount will be eligible www.torontotees.com for custom hoodies in Toronto. People like choices and they like to donate to worthy causes. Since you offer more than one gift in return for donations, you appeal to people on more than one level.

Easy to Order More If The Need Arises

Have you ever been involved with a fundraising event and ran out of the gifts? That can be a real problem when you have dozens of donations and nothing left to send those generous people. When you have chosen apparel as the gift of choice, rest assured the printer still has the pattern on hand. You can place a second order and obtain enough additional hoodies or shirts to make sure no one is overlooked.

Start preparing for your fundraiser today by contacting a professional who can prepare as many tee shirts and hoodies as you need. Talk about what sort of design would be best, settle on the quantities and sizes you need, and make sure the order will be complete by the launch date for the event. You will find that the combination of the low cost per shirt coupled with the high quality will encourage people to participate and generate plenty of returns for your non-profit.