3 Ways to Beat a Sexual Assault Charge



frustrated-1174084_1280It can prove to be one of the most daunting criminal charges to ever recover from.

In the event you have been charged with sexual assault, where do you go from here?

First and foremost, reaching out for legal help is your most important initiative. While some individuals can’t afford legal assistance (they may need to turn to a public defender), others know it will oftentimes be money well spent.

With a sexual assault attorney by your side, you are able to not only defend yourself, but improve the odds of not being convicted. Remember, such a conviction can lead to jail time, heavy fines, not to mention a major impediment for both your personal and professional lives.

So, are you ready to do what it takes to beat a sexual assault charge?


Defending Your Life Now and Down the Road

So that you can give yourself the best defense possible, turning to Greater Houston Defense professionals (or those closer to where you reside) is your first step.

Once you have that attorney in your corner, he or she can advise you on how best to win your case.

Among the three tips you should remember:

  1. Innocence – Most importantly, stating your innocence from day one is crucial. Remember, all eyes and ears will be on each thing you say and do from the moment you have been charged. Doing something out of character etc. can lend more suspicion being sent your way. Also, make sure you are totally honest with your legal team, giving them any information they need to make your case of innocence;
  2. Defense – Be sure you provide your attorney and their staff with as much evidence to show your innocence as possible. Can someone place you at another location during the time of the alleged assault? If so, video evidence of this (cell phones etc.) can prove quite valuable. Strong character witnesses testifying on your behalf will also be beneficial to your case. It would be hard (even for a jury) to refute the testimony of several people able to clearly state and demonstrate you were nowhere near the scene of the alleged assault. If you were at a party when the alleged assault took place, you can still use strong character witnesses to testify on your behalf;
  3. Questions – Lastly, are their substantial questions in the claims of the individual or individuals accusing you of sexual assault? If so, your attorney can poke holes in their story or stories. Remember, it is up to the prosecution to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are guilty. If the alleged victim or victims have made false allegations in the past etc. this could be the opening your attorney needs. There may also be issues of jealousy and/or revenge on their part that led them to make these accusations.


Weighing the Verdict

In the event your case does go to trial, you typically have a 50-50 chance of walking free.

Just as businesses have to manage crisis situations from time to time, you need to manage this one that has engulfed your personal and professional lives. When at trial, be as professional and polite as possible. Keep in mind that your legal team is there to both represent and speak for you. Unless it is decided that you going on the stand is wise, keep your composure at all times.

As for the alleged victim or victims, both you and your legal team need to be respectful of them at all times. Nothing looks worse to a jury than if the defense team appears to be attacking an alleged victim.

Lastly, if you are cleared of charges, use the experience as an educational tool moving forward.

How did you end up in this situation in the first place? Was there something you could have done or said to have prevented it?

By educating yourself, you greatly lessen the chances of ever being in such a predicament again.