3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Maths Tutor Online

The teaching curriculum followed by the school is often mundane and monotonous. Teachers usually give a lot of weightage to getting good grades rather than focussing on clearing the foundation of students in a particular subject. If you do not clear your basics then as you grow older solving complicated questions becomes a difficult task.

As school might not provide the best quality of education; thus, you may have to turn to external help. You cannot choose the educators in school, but you can decide which coaching classes to attend. Finding an online math tutor can prove to be a tedious process. Thus, you can keep the following points in mind before you finalize your pick for the tutor.


The first thing that you need to look at is the course structure. A tutor needs to supplement what you study in school and work towards clearing your doubts. He needs to deliver impactful lectures while adhering to the school timelines for exams and submissions. For example, if you have to give a test on the topic of integers, your tutor should not be teaching you algebra at the time. There needs to be a gradual increase in the level of difficulty while teaching so that you do not get confused.

The tutor should also be using easily accessible online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., to teach the class. There should also be a well-organized process for invigilation while conducting quizzes and tests. The tutor must also find a way to give each student individualized attention. He can do this by giving time after class or ensuring that he is accessible via email.


If you are taking classes to supplement your education, the tutor should try to make it enjoyable. He should include real-life examples, history, visual aids and other educational but fun games to deliver his lecture. This keeps students motivated and enthusiastic about learning. If they have a positive mindset, they will also learn faster and retain the information.

Tutors also need to provide students with several practice questions to make sure that they have a clear understanding of the topic being taught. The more a student practices, the easier it will be for him to master the topic being taught.

Tutors have the flexibility to incorporate creative and innovative ways to teach. Hence, you should try your best to search for such a teacher whose learning style will match yours.


It is crucial for you to gauge a tutor’s skillset. He needs to have a good knowledge of the subject being taught. As Mathematics is a very vast subject, it is reasonable to assume that he might not be well versed with all topics. Thus, he must have excellent research skills to gather quality information on that topic. He should also be able to communicate the information to students in a way that improves their understanding of the subject rather than confuse them. Lastly, all students have a different pace of learning; hence, a tutor must be patient and tolerant, making sure he adapts his teaching style to suit all.  


You can take the help of family, friends, and peers while trying to find an online Math tutor. However, finding a tutorial that incorporates all of the points listed above can prove to be difficult. Cuemath US is an incredible online educational platform that ensures a student has a crystal clear foundation of Mathematics. They use several resources such as interactive apps, online worksheets, visual simulations, etc., to deliver an effective lecture.