Want to Steal the Show at Your College Audition? We’ve Got You Covered with 10 Do’s and Don’ts!

College auditions can be a very stressful and exciting time. You can start your college preparation months in advance, but you still might forget some key details for your auditions! If you want to be on top of your game, use these 10 do’s and don’ts; so you can walk away confidently knowing you gave it your best:

The Do’s

1) Be confident!

You can’t expect someone to believe in you if you can’t prove that you believe in yourself. Put your best self forward, and go in expecting to succeed. People can sense the energy around you; don’t give them any reason to doubt why you’re there!


2) Research your materials

Whether you are going to perform a dance, monologue or song – it is critical to understand the emotions behind the material before you use it. Brush up on some history; learn about what was happening in the years around when your piece was written. You might learn that there was a war, or a tragedy in the personal life of the creator – it can provide a lens into what the piece is really about.

3) Some self-reflection

We all have strengths and weaknesses, make sure that you know inside and out what you are good at, and where you want to improve. Your interviewer might want to know your goals, and you should be able to provide insightful and introspective answers about yourself.

4) Dress for success

Whether that is in a costume, leotard, or just your regular clothing, make sure you look sharp.  Everything should be clean, without holes – unless that is part of your costume, and in good condition. You want your interviewers to know that you take yourself seriously.

5) Follow-u

Send an email to the panel after your audition, thanking them for their time. Take some personal notes about how you thought your audition went. Also, share with your family or friends about how you felt after your audition, you might discover that you were more relaxed than you thought – or that you wanted to be more prepared.

The Don’ts

1) Come underprepared

If they asked for a hardcopy of your resume, have it in your hand ready to go. Keep an extra copy of everything you need for your audition – just in case something happens. This is your first impression! Show them that you not only have talent, but also the organizational skills that you will need to succeed in college.

2) Forget to rest
Being well rested will help you to be on your A-game. It is going to be a big day, and you don’t want to be yawning and dreaming about bed. Plus, a good night’s sleep will always show in your face – you’ll look bright eyed and ready to go!

3) Over analyze

Part of a going into an audition, is being able to trust your intuition. Don’t over scrutinize how the panel reacts to your performance. You’re the one who did the research, practiced, and put your heart in, be confident with how you prepared.

4) Forget to ask questions

Ask about what types of programs they have in place for graduates to find jobs. Inquire about whether they have a thriving alumni program. This will show them that you are looking deeper into your future, and that you are motivated to succeed!

5) Be Negative

No matter how good your audition may be, there is always the chance that you won’t get into the program. Don’t discourage yourself if that happens! Being negative and upset is only natural at first, but after that, pick yourself up and try even harder! Failures are a natural part of growth, use it as a learning experience for your next round of auditions!

Just remember, you can find tons of good resources online to help you with preparing for your auditions. You can even check out LinkedIn for recent graduates from the school that you want to get into. See what types of jobs they are landing, and even consider reaching out to them about how their experience was in school.  If you feel like you want a little extra boost before you take your audition, you can also try resources like Polish your Passion. PYP is an online service that offers college audition prep sessions. If you are feeling a little bit insecure about your material, or maybe just want an outside opinion, it could be worth it to give them a try. Remember, being confident is one of the most essential aspects of a solid audition! What’s nice about PYP is that they offer a free 30-minute skype/facetime college prep consultation, so you can test out whether their service could give you that extra boost for your audition.